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Luxury on the high seas


Van Styn has been in the wood industry since 1929. Based in Hazerswoude-Dorp in the Netherlands, the company today employs 26 people. Around 60% of its turnover is in the European yacht-building business, where it supplies tailor-made plywood and sandwich panels for yacht interiors to its clients, who then build boats to the purchasers’ requirements.

It is a buoyant market; Van Styn currently supplies wood for 30 to 40 interiors per week. The second area of operation is the supply of wood to interior designers for luxury house and office interiors. This market is primarily in the Netherlands, although some of the designers work internationally, too, with some unusual requirements.

A very important stipulation in the Caribbean is that materials are termite-proof. The final area of business is bus and coach building, where Van Styn’s sandwich panels are used for floors. The company is almost unique.

“We are active in a niche market,” says Johan van Tilburg, General Director. “Our advantage is that we can offer a yacht-builder all kinds of wood for all applications aboard a yacht.”

The company’s clients also value its personal customer service. “We have just won new orders in Latvia and Lithuania,” points out Mr. van Tilburg. “They had never had anyone visit them to show and sell plywood materials. Direct contact is important.”

Van Styn has big plans for the next three to five years. “We intend to hire more people and expand our production capacity,” explains Mr. van Tilburg. “In the yacht-building industry, the major builders are booked out for the next three to five years. That is great news for us.”

The company achieved a turnover of around nine million EUR in 2014 and saw growth of 7% in 2015 thanks to increased export. Whatever the future brings, one thing is certain. Van Styn’s dedication to producing high-quality material for long-standing clients will continue to be its basis for success.

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