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Quality is our claim


Vasker-Plusz was established in 1999. “Due to recent economic crises, we have completely focused on export activities,” explains Katalin Vojtosovics, founder and managing director of Vasker-Plusz. “Already a decade ago, we were active on foreign markets. In Hungary, we purchase ferrous waste, which in 95% of all cases originates from our Délalföldi region. In a second step, it is processed and then sold to ironworks abroad, for example in Romania, Italy or Indonesia.”

Since 2005, Vasker-Plusz also maintains its own car junkyard. “We act according to legal regulations,” states the managing director. “In this regard, we are amongst three companies in Hungary that fulfil these requirements.”

At the present time, Vasker-Plusz employs 19 people at both locations in Békés and generated turnover of two billion HUF last year. “We specialize in the qualitative processing of ferrous waste,” says Ms. Vojtosovics. “For this purpose, we have a high-class shredding machine which is worth about 300 million HUF. It is able to process whole cars and separates magnetic iron, textiles and other materials. All over Hungary, only three machines of this kind are currently in operation. The shredding machine cuts, cleans, hoovers and dries the iron parts, and emits them in fist-sized pieces. Additionally, we briquette iron filings. The processed parts are approximately 10 x 20 cm and weigh around 10 kg.”

These comprehensive services make Vasker-Plusz a much sought-after partner of the metal-processing industry. “We cooperate exclusively with the ironworks sector,” explains the managing director. “Concerning this matter, we rely solely on personal contacts. In the past, we placed great emphasis to have companies remember our name. Today, we are directly approached by them.”

Needless to say, Vasker-Plusz is subject to new developments in the metal sector. “We are highly dependent on the iron market,” states Ms. Vojtosovics. “Furthermore, legal requirements play an important role in our business. Due to the fact that we confirm with all regulations, we have many competitive advantages over companies working illegally.” In the future, the enterprise strives to keep its grown structures. “Our current size is ideal,” summarizes the managing director. “We, therefore, strive to improve the quality of our services even further.”

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