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Fireproof and self-made


VD-INDUSTRY specializes in the production of made-to-measure, fireproof glazed doors, windows and walls. The company was established in 1999. “We started as an engineering office for fireresistant glazed solutions,” President Gabriel Ferry, who set up VDINDUSTRY together with his sons Sebastian and Emanuel, describes the company’s origins.

“Since there was no provider in the market capable of manufacturing the fireproof glazed doors developed by us, we decided to make them ourselves.” Today, VD-INDUSTRY forms the core of a small group, called Feu Solution Groupe (FSG), with subsidiary companies in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland and its own research and development unit.

The group employs a total of 44 people, including 24 in France, and has overall sales of 15 million EUR, with one third generated outside the domestic market.

VD-INDUSTRY markets its products under different brand names, all of which meet the relevant French and European safety norms for fire-resistant products used in construction.

“We export to customers across Europe and have certificates for all countries,” states Mr. Ferry. “We operate in a highly regulated market. This is why we meet all European safety norms.”

The main brand offered by VDINDUSTRY is PYROTEK, which comprises fire-resistant glazed closures tested for flame integrity, radiation limitation and thermal insulation. VITRAFLAM is the company’s brand for fire-resistant glazing which is used for the doors and windows manufactured by VDINDUSTRY. The fireproof product portfolio is rounded off by PROTEK doors and windows without fire resistance and SECURITEK burglar resistant and bulletproof doors and windows.

“We use a wide variety of materials for our products, ranging from steel and aluminium to timber and PVC, and can provide all material combinations from a single source,” explains Mr. Ferry.

“This distinguishes us from many competitors. Our constant research and development has even enabled us to make PVC fire-resistant by using fiberglass-reinforced compounds.” All VD-INDUSTRY doors and walls typically include glazing and are made according to the customers’ individual specifications. They are used in hospitals, high-rise office buildings and public institutions.

“Wherever there are many people to provide protection against fire,” says Mr. Ferry. In the future, VD-INDUSTRY wants to grow its international presence, particularly in Africa, where the company already has several promising contacts

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