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Reliable connections


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VDS Rail has become synonymous with state-of-the-art train ethernet backbone devices for on-board applications that reliably work under harsh conditions and comply with important international standards.

The portfolio includes Networking apparatus such as Ethernet Switches and Routers together with LCD monitors and Panel PC’s for the main market players. The company was founded in 1979 in Florence and has constantly grown with market needs.

“Back in our early days, VDS concentrated on Video Display Systems,” sums up Fabio Cussigh. “20 years ago, the focus was shifted towards the rail sector – which is what we concentrate on these days.”

Today, with a headcount of 26 employees, VDS develops and produces on-board networking ethernet devices such as backbone routers and train switches that are specifically designed for network applications in rolling-stock environment.

“Our products need to be extremely reliable and robust as they operate under harsh environmental conditions,” states Mr. Cussigh. “They must be fire-resistant and able to withstand high temperatures and extreme vibrations. Last but not least, we deal with strict regulations and standards; products need to comply with EU standards such as ISO 9001 and IRIS. However, our success is not only driven by advanced products but by a customer-focused approach. We always try to understand customer needs and work out solutions within a short time. It is crucial to react immediately. At the end of the day, this understanding is what makes us stand out.”

We consider ourselves as a solution-provider and react immediately. Fabio CussighSales Director

Thanks to its commitment, VDS Rail has become an important international market player. 60% of sales are made up by exports to Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. Now, the company is keen to further strengthen its position – a realistic goal.

“The train industry has constantly grown over the last years,” says Mr. Cussigh. “For environmental reasons, rail transports have increased all over Europe. We clearly benefit from this boom and are thrilled to take up new networking challenges.”

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