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A global specialist in integrated multi-technical services


“As an environmental specialist, we have one goal: to effectively link resource efficiency and business economics,” says Development and Marketing Director Veronica Capella. The firm is a subsidiary of Veolia, the global leader in Water, Waste and Energy Management, with branches in eleven countries across Europe. It offers outsourcing services in the four categories shown (right) to multi-site, multinational and large scale enterprises across all market sectors including automotive, pharmaceutical, metals, food, defence and chemicals.

The service pillars cover the strongly technical Integrated Utilities Management whereby Veolia Industries Global Solutions take on the Operation and Maintenance of key utilities and infrastructure assets concerned with Water, Waste and Energy management at manufacturing sites. Industrial Platforms Management sees the utilities and management expertise of Veolia Industries Global Solutions delivered to multiple customers through shared utilities such as Industrial Parks whereas Infrastructure and Investment Projects supports their clients through all phases of engineering and utilities acquisition for new builds, renovations or extensions to existing facilities.

In the broad category of Integrated Facilities Management, Veolia Industries Global Solutions presents the unique combinations of a strong industrial heritage from Veolia with the entrepreneurial drive and agility of a start-up. Taking over responsibility for all aspects of their client’s technical facilities management as well as the full range of occupant services, Veolia Industries Global Solutions has built a business model for the mobilisation, integration and improvement of services. The “toolbox” includes Social engineering to assist and simplify staff transfers; Single point contract governance and management based on a responsive relationship; Self review and involvement of Veolia expertise to drive continuous improvement and Flexible contract structures to reflect the client’s priorities.

“We concentrate above all on the optimization of the energy systems and usage, as well as effective integration of the whole utility management process,” explains the Director.

Besides its staff's extensive knowledge of client operations, Veolia offers other huge advantages. “We have over 20 years' experience in the sector and many large multinational clients can provide testament to our strong performance and the benefits that we have brought to their organizations,” says Ms. Capella proudly. “We have the capacity to offer a comprehensive service across multiple locations through our international network, so we are able to create an optimized, uniform solution for clients across all their branches.”

Technology is a crucial component and Veolia has recently appointed a Director of Digital Transformation to develop both its own capability and that of its clients. “Innovation is anchored in our genes,” she adds.

Concern for the environment remains the driver for all Veolia's activities. “Everything we do is with the aim of protecting the environment to create a better world for tomorrow,” emphasizes Ms. Capella. “However, the economic realities of business are no less important to us and are also at the forefront of all our solutions.”

The trend for outsourcing offers huge development potential for Veolia Industries Global Solutions, which has set itself a number of goals for the coming years.

“Organizational growth, the strengthening of our image, and enhancing market perception and visibility of our services are key,” sums up Ms. Capella. “Digital transformation will play an important role as we define new solutions both for ourselves and our clients. Ultimately though, two things are essential: that we provide a coherent, efficient and effective service that positively impacts the environment, and that we fulfil the promises we make to our clients.”

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