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Be smart and safe


Alarm systems for homes, offices and commercial premises – these are the products that dominate Verisure’s portfolio. The company offers modular solutions, with a basic kit that can be extended with extra detectors to fit individual needs.

Verisure operates in a rapidly growing market. Recent studies show that the percentage of citizens who consider residential security a priority has grown exponentially in the last few years.

“These days, security is an integral part of a smart home,” states Mr. Hruz. “There are 689 break-ins per day in Italy, one every two minutes. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and secure. Therefore, we work with the most advanced security technology to detect intrusion or fire. We even developed the Verisure app that functions as an online control panel with 24 hour availability. Most of the common alarms available on the market, the so called ‘bell alarms’, suffer from the same problem; they generate many false alarms. This problem creates skepticism among potential customers as it outweighs almost completely the benefits of having an alarm system. Verisure has actually solved this problem by using the best security technology combined with the best intelligence that exists: the human being! Through 24 hour monitoring by its operators, Verisure can offer the best service protection, reducing false alarms to less than 0.001%.”

Verisure’s 29 years of experience enables the company to offer top-notch security systems along with comprehensive services. Two visionary entrepreneurs, Luis Gil and Dick Seger, led the company expansion from Sweden into other countries.

In 2013, they entered the Italian market by introducing the most innovative technologies – veritable pioneers. Only three years later, the company had amassed 29,000 customers in Lombardy, Lazio, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Piedmont.

“At the beginning, it was difficult to initiate operations in the country as the Italian market and legislation was not ready for such an innovative product-service proposition,” explains Mr. Hruz. “It was hard work, but we succeeded. Now Verisure can be considered a real forerunner. We always wanted to support customers efficiently. For this reason, we do not only sell, install and maintain alarm systems but, most importantly, we offer around the clock professional monitoring solutions. Our products are of the utmost quality, synonymous with outstanding reliability. We successfully work with image and audio verification. If an alarm goes off, camera detectors immediately take photos that are sent to the monitoring station. In case of intrusion security guards intervene and local police authorities are alerted”.

Verisure is part of a strong group that is present in 14 countries in Europe and South America and serves more than two million customers. The Group has set itself the goal of extending its current leading position in Europe to a global scale by 2020.

“Verisure greatly benefits from its excellent reputation, vital in maintaining the customers’ trust in such a delicate matter as their security,” stresses Mr.Hruz. “To make security even more attractive, we work with social media channels and consult Trustpilot, a consumer reviews site, to listen to what our customers have to say. The feedback is always taken into consideration, in order to continue improving. Our target customer is everyone who wants to protect his home and his family, or his business. Our mission is to create security. Relying on Verisure means that you are in safe hands.”

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