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Creative glassmaking


Verreries Brosse produces glass containers for luxury perfumery and high-quality spirits. Founded more than 100 years ago, the company is situated in Normandy, in an area with a long tradition in manufacturing exclusive vials for fragrances.

“We develop and produce the bottles including the decoration, but with the exception of the closure,” explains General Manager Olivier Caspar.

Verreries Brosse is part of the Italian Zignago Vetro Group, a leading supplier of glass containers for cosmetics, perfumery, food and beverages. Majority owned by the Italian Marzotto family, the group also produces a wide selection of special glass containers and individually customized bottles for premium wines, champagnes, liquors and olive oils.

“This way, we can meet the requirements of both the mass market and the luxury segment,” states Mr. Caspar. Besides Verreries Brosse, Zignago Vetro Group includes four other glass processing companies: Zignago Vetro S.p.A., Huta Szkła Czechy S.A., Vetri Speciali S.p.A. and Vetreco S.r.l.

With manufacturing plants near Florence and Venice, the parent company Zignago Vetro produces standard and customized glass containers for cosmetics, perfumery, food and beverages. The wide product variety for the cosmetics and perfumery sector consists of bottles for fragrances, nail polish, skin care and cream jars, while the food and beverages range includes high-quality jars, such as for baby food and bottles for wine, sparkling wines, olive oil and distillates. For both markets, containers are custom-designed to meet the client’s specific requirements.

Based in Poland, close to the capital Warsaw, Huta Szkła Czechy covers the same target market range, with a particular focus on Eastern Europe and products for the mass market. Vetri Speciali is the group’s expert for specialty glass containers.

The company operates three production facilities in the northeast of Italy and offers a broad selection of both standard bottles in nine different colours and completely tailormade containers with unique, sophisticated styles produced in any required quantity, from the smallest lot sizes to large production runs.

The fifth glassware firm in the group is Vetreco, which is specialized in glass cullet treatment. Located near Rome, the recycling company was established in 2013 and turns used glass into precious raw materials for new glass products.

“Glass can be 100% recycled for an unlimited number of times, without compromising on quality or durability,” explains Mr. Caspar. Verreries Brosse manufactures hollow containers in flint and coloured glass. The product portfolio comprises top-quality glass packaging for perfumes, toilet waters and high-end spirits.

The company has its own technical design and product development department transforming the customers’ specific ideas into exclusive, individually tailored glass containers. Verreries Brosse is also equipped with fully automated production lines and state-of-the-art furnaces.

“Since our acquisition by Zignago Vetro in 2002, we have invested a lot in automated manufacturing technology,” states Mr. Caspar. “We are constantly improving our production processes in order to combine the advantages of our two core competences: semi-automatic manufacturing, which has evolved from the craftsmanship of traditional glassmaking, and fully automated manufacturing for large production runs,” says Mr. Caspar. “This unique combination provides us with a highly sustainable competitive edge.”

Thanks to its perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and advanced automation technology, Verreries Brosse can deliver both fully customized glass containers in small quantities and standard bottles in large series at competitive prices.

“We supply the entire range of glass containers required by the customer, from individually designed, precious vials for luxury products to more standardized containers for the mass market,” explains Mr. Caspar.

Another competitive strength of the French glassmaking firm: As a mediumsized enterprise, it is highly flexible and responsive to individual customer demands. “We aim to be as close to the customer as possible,” Mr. Caspar describes the philosophy of Verreries Brosse. “With our small, effective team and our flat hierarchies with fast decision-making, we are more agile than our larger competitors and are able to complete the most sophisticated customer projects.”

Verreries Brosse has 342 employees and, together with the other firms in Zignago Vetro’s Glass business unit, turns over more than 300 million EUR. The company supplies to luxury fragrance firms and high-class spirits businesses all over the world. Verreries Brosse has a sales office in the USA through Zignago Glass USA, which is focused on the distribution of glass containers for cosmetics and perfumery.

“Our goal is to further enhance our international market position and develop Brosse USA into a sales organization for the group’s entire Glass business unit,” explains Mr. Caspar. “As a flexible, customer-oriented manufacturer, we have privileged relations with our regular customers in France and are recognized as a reliable, high-quality supplier. Apart from the domestic market, we aim to further strengthen our presence in other fast-evolving glassware markets across Europe as well as in the Middle East and North America.”

Verreries Brosse participates in many high-profile exhibitions across the globe, including Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, the leading international event for the professional beauty sector, Luxe Pack in Monaco and New York, the annual meeting of international creators of luxury product packaging, and PCD Paris, one of the leading trade fairs for the packaging of cosmetic products.

In addition, in cooperation with its sister companies in the Zignago Vetro Group, Verreries Brosse exhibits at other major fairs in Dubai and Moscow. “We operate in a highly concentrated market with a limited number of clients,” says Mr. Caspar. “This is why we have a strong presence at the world’s main industry events and exhibitions to communicate our unique combination of core competences. This is also where we aim to spot the latest trends in the glass packaging sector. We can only be successful if we are able to anticipate our customers’ requirements and preferences.”

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