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Wrapping the world in glass


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“Vetroelite is name and program alike. Vetro is the Italian word for glass, and Vetroelite stands for special glass creations, the idea on which I founded the company in 1994,” says President Daniele Feletto. “At the time I was employed at a glassmaking company, and when it was taken over, I had the idea of making special glass bottles on my own. So I left and founded Vetroelite. In addition to special glass bottles, my idea included a special service which competitors were not able to provide. Moreover, I aimed at global markets right from the start.”

Today, Vetroelite has lived up to itse goals. Market leader in Italy and France, Vetroelite is wellestablished on a global scale with bases in the USA and Canada, an office in Poland and an export rate of 80%. “In addition to the USA and Canada, we have customers across Europe and in China,” states Mr. Feletto. “France, Spain and Germany are our most important European markets followed by Greece, the UK and Austria.”

It is the quality and variety of glass bottles, carafes and jars which has won Vetroelite an ever-growing number of customers across the globe. “We provide an exclusive range of glass bottles for a variety of applications,” explains Mr. Feletto. “For example, we provide bottles for spirits, wine and mineral water, oil and vinegar, jars for other food products such as jams, and bottles and flacons for perfumes, cosmetics and personal care products. Bottles for spirits are the most important product range accounting for 60% of sales. Within this range, carafes and special bottles for cognac and whiskey are the key products.”

Vetroelite bottles and jars are exclusive products which excel in their innovative shapes and decorations, most of which are patented. They are manufactured with caps tailored to the bottle. Focusing on innovations, the company adds new products every month. “We design the products, make the drawings and have them manufactured by carefully selected industrial partners in Italy and Germany who fully meet our standards of quality,” underlines the President. “So far, we have had the decoration made by partners.”

In addition to quality and innovation, service is a major strength of Vetroelite. The company provides full service from personalized products to the constant availability of products.

“We have the know-how to customize products to highlight the brand and promote visibility on the shelf,” Mr. Feletto points out. “We even manufacture bespoke products, tailored to the specific requirements of customers. Constant availability is an integral part of our service. We have a warehouse, and we manufacture according to the requirements of the warehouse without necessarily having a minimum number of orders. The warehouse is a huge investment, but it is a service that customers are willing to pay for. Building on our strength, we want to increase the turnover of 14 million EUR in the next few years in Europe and especially in the USA and Canada.”

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