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A new way of measuring


The new Vicivision Techno range from Vici & C. SpA represents a revolution in the industry and has made correspondingly big waves at the industry fairs where it has been presented.

“We launched the new Techno range at this year’s Control exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, and were more than satisfied by the amount of interest it generated,” says President Luca Vici, whose parents founded the company in 1977. “It comes at a fitting moment in our history as we celebrated our 40th anniversary this year by looking back on four decades of growth and innovation.”

The Rimini-based company has been developing optical systems since 2000. “We diversified from our traditional activity making electrical cabinets, on-board applications and industrial automation systems in order to add a new string to our bow,” explains Mr. Vici. “We now generate 30% of our turnover from optical measuring machines sold under our Vicivision brand to major clients such as Thyssen Krupp, Rolex, Fiat and Mercedes, amongst others.”

The new Techno range enhances flexibility through a number of innovations. With measurement capacity from 40 to 180 mm in diameter and 300 to 1,250 mm in length, the modular range of the Techno series can provide customers with the most suitable machine for their production and meet both current and future demands.

One of the key advantages is dimensional control directly on the production floor. This saves time by allowing measurement within the production environment with the possibility to implement a single measuring system to monitor tolerances on as many as 30 CNC lathes.

“Enhancing productivity was the key priority in the development and design of the Techno series,” says Mr. Vici. “The Techno series offers an ergonomic piece clamping lever featuring a wider grip, preventing obstruction of the view when clamping and unclamping the piece. Additionally, retractable sensors enabled during loading and unloading provide reinforcement, alongside the new one-of-a-kind bumpers featured exclusively on the Techno.”

This system enables users to receive a clear vision of the conditions of the component through a combination of both the real image displayed through intuitive software and an LED illuminated working area. It reduces machine downtime thanks to immediate inspection without the need to leave the workstation.

Moreover, there is a significant reduction in rejects when preventive actions indicated by the measurement trend graphs are implemented. “We have introduced a greater level of automation into the production process through the Vicivision tool loop,” adds Mr. Vici. “It makes it possible to set the interface between MTL and the workstation to automatically correct tool parameters, thus eliminating human error.”

The Techno series is also accompanied by cutting-edge software that improves the control phase and extends the number of possible measurements. New automatic features help the operator to obtain measurements. Tools such as self-programming, automatic loading of the part program, step-by-step assisted programming and DXF comparison all contribute to a marked improvement in performance that can be seen immediately in automatically generated measurement result reports.

Vicivision measuring machines are used in industries which demand the highest levels of machining accuracy. In sectors such as the watchmaking and dental implant industries, these machines are used to measure the dimensions of the tiny screws used to hold key components in place.

At the other end of the scale, they can accommodate large, complex pieces such as automotive camshafts and turbines. They speed up productivity by supplying rapid information at the point of manufacture rather than in a separate quality control department. The benefits of these machines have been recognized by customers worldwide.

Around 80% of turnover derived from this area of activity comes from export sales. The company has more than 40 technical support centers in countries around the world and distributes its products through authorized resellers worldwide. It has also set up subsidiaries in Germany and America to better serve these key markets.

The Italian domestic market remains the main market for Vici & C.’s core activity: the assembly of electric cabinets. Here, the company brings four decades of experience to bear. “We see ourselves as partners to our customers,” says Mr. Vici. “Our aim is to reduce their costs and help them achieve pioneering breakthroughs. We use state-of-the-art design tools such as Eplan 21, Spack, PRO-E 3D, Autocad 2D and Sabik. This enables us to provide our clients with functional electrical diagrams layouts, complete component lists, PC and PLC software flow charts, and the mechanical design for carpentry in metal and stainless steel. Thanks to our well-stocked internal warehouse, we can offer fast turnaround and competitive prices, even on small batches and single units.”

Vici & C. works closely together with manufacturers of automated machinery in the wood processing, packaging, medical, aluminium processing and cutting and turning industries to develop high-performance, highly efficient machines.

“Our research and development department assists our clients in the development stages of their product, providing the benefit our our expertise in mechanical, electromechanical, electronic and software design to make a better product,” says Mr. Vici. “We also offer flexibility in production. As our panels are assembled by hand and are based on a modular construction, they can be adapted. This is the case in 90% of the panels we deliver.”

As a family-owned company, Vici & C. is defined by the human factor. “Our company is made of people, and we want their voice to heard,” insists Mr. Vici. “Here we make and create things that are born out of people’s ideas. We welcome those ideas wherever they come from, whether it is from the shop floor or the president’s office. Everyone’s input is valued and rewarded. As the head of the company, I feel it is my responsibility each day to do the best I can for the people who work here.”

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