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Conquering the traditional workplace


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Founded in 2007 as part of a larger firm, Vincit always marched to its own beat. “From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to be a workplace where the staff was excited to work, and one that our customers were excited to work with,” explains Teemu Uotila, CEO/ Managing Director of the Vincit Group’s Helsinki Corporation.

Over the course of nine years, the company’s size and good reputation grew steadily. In 2016, the business went public, with 70 to 75% of the shares owned by the firm’s employees and founders. The group is comprised of three different companies that remain autonomous.

Each company operates with a flat structure so that every employee has direct influence on what he or she does on a daily basis, as well as what the organization does to some degree. This allows each employee to be more efficient and helps keep them passionate about their work.

Vincit created a product, called a LaaS platform, described as leadership as a service. What this means is that the firm’s employees think about the kind of leadership they want and how the business can best accommodate that. Normally, if a staff member has a problem, they contact the HR department and HR decides who can help the employee with the problem.

However, at Vincit, the employee would find someone that can offer a solution to their problem and approach that person directly. “The platform directs communication, while helping the worker think about exactly what he or she needs and then gives them the responsibility of starting a dialogue,” says Mr. Uotila. “This gives people more freedom and increases their efficiency, helping them do more and waste less time.”

Being innovative in its approach to work is far from all this enterprising firm has going for it. Activity in diverse areas that include, the financial industry, the media and telecoms industry, the health industry and more, has led to Vincit being a part of many exciting projects on a global scale.

Clients can contract the business for services in the following areas: strategic management consulting, websites and online stores, web services and information systems, mobile applications, embedded systems and service design. For websites and online stores, the firm designs and develops sites and stores that work seamlessly with mobile platforms.

Projects vary from quick prototypes to broad content management systems, often involving strategic consultation. In terms of web services and information systems, clients get help with the implementation of their service, from start to finish.

Teemu Uotila
At Vincit, we make Mondays exciting instead of mundane. If you want more excitement in your working life, look no further. Teemu UotilaCEO/Managing Director

“A customer will always have an up-to-date version for trial and test use throughout the development period,” adds Mr. Uotila. Mobile applications center on browser-based HTML5 services and applications for all leading smartphone platforms.

The embedded systems projects are normally Linux-based and Vincit’s employees in this area have extensive experience in the development of measurement and medical equipment software. Finally, service design is really where the ‘one-stop-shop’ mentality that exists within the company is seen the most.

User interface designers take part in projects from the very first discussion with the client to the final look of the design. “Our designers work with our software developers throughout the whole process, which further develops the product and refines its usability,” explains Mr. Uotila.

Looking ahead, Vincit expects the demand for AI and data science services to increase. “We are active in the Internet of Things (IoT) movement,” states Mr. Uotila. “It is the future and many believe it will usher in the fourth industrial revolution.”

Simply put, IoT encompasses everything that is connected to the internet, but is now also being used for objects that ‘talk’ to each other as well. Whatever the future brings, Vincit is keeping an open mind. Staying flexible allows the company to take part in whatever opportunities that come its way. This change-friendly attitude will keep this company at the top for years to come.