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It’s plain sailing


Over the past 35 years, VIRTUS GmbH has built up a successful business as an import and export wholesale company. Its core business is the storage and distribution of major spare parts for the shipping industry.

Other important activities include the delivery, installation, servicing and repair of wastewater and vacuum sanitary systems, wet and dry waste treatment plants, pump units and stainless steel pushfit pipe systems. Even on a large ship, both space and water are at a premium.

Vacuum toilets are the preferred sanitation method as they require minimal water for flushing and therefore reduce waste generation.

VIRTUS was an agent for the leading manufacturers of vacuum toilet and wastewater systems, for example the Finnish company Evac, which enjoys a 75% share of the world market, including all ships built at Germany’s famous Meyer Werft dockyards.

In addition, VIRTUS also represents many other leading names in the industry including Auramarine, Azcue, AquaMar, Blücher, Megator, MEP Systems and Salaroll Faltech. Virtus has also begun to branch out into its own production.

“Since 2005 we have included a number of proprietary products in our portfolio, including ozone-based deodorization equipment for eliminating smells and an aeration and cleaning system for vacuum systems,” explains owner and Managing Director Rolf-Dieter Klaeke, who took over the company in 1991.

VIRTUS’s activities are not just confined to below decks; it also supplies deck machinery, deck cranes, winches, chains and ropes, rounding off an extremely wide portfolio of products.

VIRTUS works in the main for customers in the shipping industry both on new buildings and on retrofit projects. The company has held certification to work on offshore platforms since 2010 and offers its services for similar land-based systems as well.

“After so long in the industry, we know what our clients want,” explains Mr. Klaeke. “This knowledge has provided the inspiration for the development of our own range of products.”

It is also VIRTUS’s ability to give the customer what he wants that has led to strong growth in recent years. The number of employees has more than doubled to 21 people since 2005, and the signs are positive that this growth will continue.

“We are a relatively small, but highly experienced team and have recognized that success comes when you listen carefully to what the customer wants and try to realize his wishes,” says Mr. Klaeke in conclusion.

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