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Sharing the therapy workload


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Founded in 2008, the company specializes in patient coaching and therapy support. “The amount of time that doctors are able to devote to each patient has reduced significantly. The availability of online health advice has increased patient awareness and leads to additional questions during consultations,” explains Managing Director Dr. Cyrill Brand, a biologist and one of the founders of Vitartis. “Recognizing that patient communication, support programmes and services were becoming an important topic, we started a project to address the issue. Consulting with different manufacturers in the medical and pharmaceutical sector Project Vitartis was created, initially to support patients with MS.”

Today, Vitartis offers comprehensive patient support programmes for a range of conditions MS, rheumatism, psoriasis, Parkinsons and hemophilia, among others. “We support patients with the therapy their doctor has prescribed, helping them understanding how the therapy works and what effect it may have. Our service also supports the more complex, psychological issues that patients experience while undergoing treatment.”

Our support programmes offer a range of different activities, including visits by nursing staff, telephone contact by the firm’s service center in Göttingen, and communication via digital and electronic means, such as e-mail and SMS.

“Video-conferencing offers huge potential enabling patients to come to grips with self-injection and discuss relevant questions they may have. We extend the care time doctors cannot offer in their daily routine consultations. We faced a multitude of complex issues developing a patient support programme (PSP) from scratch. Compliance with relevant codes, practices and legal regulations was a must. A large amount of work is required to ensure that everything we do is correct, and the firm adheres to all the necessary standards,” Dr. Brand points out. “Nevertheless, I am always pleased when new drugs are launched on the market and a new project begins.”

Headquartered in Göttingen in central Germany, Vitartis employs a core team of 100, which may increase to 300 when special skills are required, or a highly complex project is under way. From Göttingen, the firm serves doctors, patients across the whole of Germany, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Dr. Cyrill Brand
Patient satisfaction is extremely high. Audits have always proved that we comply with all the necessary guidelines and our activities are of the highest standard. Dr. Cyrill BrandManaging Director

“We enjoy an excellent reputation relating to the quality of our services,” stresses the Managing Director. “We are not competing based on price. Our focus is patient satisfaction and outcomes related, where we constantly exceed expectations. Audits prove we comply with all the necessary guidelines and our activities are carried out to a high standard. Customer feedback sessions confirm the effectiveness of our services.”

The demand for services such as those provided by Vitartis looks set to rise due to increasing demands for services in the health system. At the same time, more and more regulations and legal requirements are introduced, creating new levels of difficulty; as a result, each new project becomes more of a challenge.

Dr. Brand says: “Authorities should look carefully at our work in connection with the complexities they are creating. Vitartis’ PSPs are a supplementary service and benefits doctors and patients. It would be great to receive more government support and recognition for the type of service we offer. This would help us and the medical sector enormously.”

Nevertheless, Vitartis continues striving to achieving its goals. “I will be incredibly happy if we can continue supporting patients, help achieving better health outcomes, and new therapies and medications which are yet to be launched,” sums up Dr. Brand. “We support patients with the therapy that their doctor has prescribed. Patient satisfaction is extremely high. Audits have always proved that we comply with all the necessary guidelines and our activities are of the highest standard.”