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Electrifying the market


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Today, about 95% of VIVBER’s customers are from Western Europe, among them large multinationals from the energy production and distribution industries, commercial and industrial facilities as well as the military and public sector, with the transport industry in particular gaining momentum.

“The European and especially the German market have always had a close eye on quality and performance standards, and when we took our first international steps 20 years ago, we were well aware of the need for an electrical specialist executing Western European quality and safety standards. We had always wanted to operate in the Western market, and our expertise and adherence to quality have opened many doors back for us,”points out General Manager János Rákovics. “We still live up to the ideal of our founders of providing quality products to a demanding customer base.”

Due to its perseverance of becoming a well-respected partner to Western European companies that is able to bundle all required skills and competences under one roof, VIVBER has developed into a partner of choice when it comes to the provision of electrical installations according to Western European standards.

Over the years, VIVBER has experienced continuous growth, and it now employs workforce of 180 people, generating a turnover between 2.3 and 3.5 billion HUF.

“Our success is partly based on our experienced staff with a fund of knowledge and expertise to move forward in line with technological progress,” says Mr. Rákovics. “In order to remain a reliable partner to our customers, we have to ensure that we are constantly updating our skills and that we can offer the latest technological innovations in our areas of expertise. This is why a strong focus on finding new staff and the constant training of all our staff members are vital for our future development. However, we struggle to find suitable staff members at all levels, and we know that other companies are facing the same challenges. The only solution is skilled training of our staff to prevent migration to Western Europe.”

VIVBER’s production site is located in a highly developed region with many large industrial cities as well as Budapest in close vicinity. This does not facilitate the lack of skilled labour, and even higher salaries are not a long-term solution.

“Many workers can currently pick and choose where to work,” adds Mr. Rákovics. “We listen to the needs of our staff and provide a high level of flexibility with regard to working times, holidays and even private problems. In the coming years, we will employ new staff to meet our company’s growth. Here, our competitiveness and the implementation of innovations, for instance automation and robot technology, will help attract new customers. The rail sector in particular is of great importance to our future development. Excellent staffing will help to boost our performance in this market.”

New markets, new staff and new technologies – this is where VIVBER sees its future.