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“Design your wine”

Vivelys SAS

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Based in Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone in the Occitanie region in southern France, Vivelys is specialized in wine engineering and precision oenology. “We support winegrowers in making the right decisions at the right time and thus enable them to create wines of perfectly reproducible quality,” Managing Director Karine Herrewyn describes the company’s mission.

A member of the winemaking and closures group OENEO headquartered in Bordeaux, Vivelys employs 60 staff at operations in Europe, the USA, Argentina, Chile and Australia. The company has been building its expertise for over 25 years, focusing on key aspects of wine production, such as the interaction of oak and oxygen in the wine, harvest management and the design of individual wine profiles.

Vivelys is known for several innovations in the sector, including VISIO™, the world’s first patented micro-oxygenation device, BOISE® France, the world-leading oenological oak chips and staves, SCALYA®, the first fermentation and wine ageing monitoring system and DYOSTEM®, a unique decision making-tool designed to facilitate harvest management. “We are very innovative,” Ms. Herrewyn gives one reason for the company’s sustained success.

Vivelys is a globally operating company with customers in all winegrowing areas, ranging from small and medium-sized vineyards to large groups and cooperatives. The company’s best-selling product and core competence is BOISE® France.

Made from French oak, at least 85% of which is PEFC certified, the high-quality chips and staves provide a time-saving alternative to traditional ageing methods in barrels. “It respects the fruit and preserves the freshness and the authenticity of the wine,” states Ms. Herrewyn. Vivelys invests 10% of its sales in R&D every year, which is exceptional for its industry.

Karine Herrewyn
We support winegrowers in making the right decisions at the right time. Karine HerrewynManaging Director

“We are constantly developing new automated and digitalized solutions to further improve oenological processes,” explains Ms. Herrewyn. “Winegrowers across the world need tools that enable them to master two major factors in wine production: time and human resources. When is the best time for harvesting? When to add oxygen? And how can you make sure that the harvesters have followed the instructions of the winemaker? We deliver these tools by engineering high-precision oenological solutions and thus enable our customers to design their own, distinctive wine profiles.”