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Water treatment project managed


MEMSEP offers a broad range of solutions for water treatment in a range of industries and brings these to life by project managing installations. Historically, its main clients have been in the power industry within the Czech Republic, but in recent years the company has started to build up a customer base within other segments such as pharmacy, food and beverages, and the chemical industry.

As a secondary activity, it also undertakes pipeline construction projects in the public sector. With its technologically innovative solutions, MEMSEP is also in demand in the export market, particularly for projects in Russia, the Ukraine and Eastern Europe, where the company designs the plant and arranges for the supply of components to ensure only top-quality materials are used.

A local partner then installs the plant, after which MEMSEP commissions the equipment and provides the guarantee that the plant meets all required standards. The company is thus able to add value through the combination of its expertise in both design and project management.

Project sizes vary, usually within the range of one million EUR up to six million EUR; the largest project undertaken to date was 25 million EUR.

“We are proud of our capacity to undertake such large, complex projects,” explains Damien Cyril Léonard, CEO. “We have tremendous engineering competence and are able to innovate new treatment solutions.” This is primarily due to the skills of the MEMSEP team. “Our strength is in our people,” continues Mr. Léonard. “On the one hand, we have process engineers designing solutions for clients, and on the other we have project managers who are able to bring to life what the engineers conceive.”

Future growth is dependent on client investment in water treatment; however, the signs are positive, especially in the Eastern European export market, for example Serbia, Romania and Hungary. “I expect growth,” concludes Mr. Leonard. “Although we have tough competition, in terms of investment, it is quite stable, and I see some good activity in the years to come.”

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