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Being on guard against water


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“We have wireless systems that can be implemented in an existing alarm system at home. Once you leave the house, the water is automatically shut off. Everything can be monitored by smartphone,” CEO Haakon Munkejord gives one example of how digitization has entered many households. He is convinced that the smartphone will become a mobile control center for many different aspects of technology at home.

Mr. Munkejord joined Waterguard as General Manager in 2005: “We started to develop our own products in Norway, but with increasing sales we decided to move the production to three different factories in China. All software and hardware development takes place in Norway, the valves are produced at Danfoss in Denmark. The latter enjoys an excellent reputation on the market worldwide.”

Today the portfolio includes many different products from rather simple units that can be installed in dishwashers to automatic systems. These consist of valves, sensors and central control units.

Once a leakage occurs the user can shut the water off and also detect its actual location. “Since 2010 the installation of anti-leakage sytems is regulated by law in Norway. Every new house must have a system installed. That was the time when many of our competitors entered the market. But we could fall back on our experience as a pioneer in this sector and our extraordinary range of products,” explains Mr. Munkejord. “Today we sell about 75,000 systems annually. We have become a household name: Whenever people think about water leakage, they talk about Waterguard.”

Haakon Munkejord
It’s a good feeling to know that our products really help to improve life. Haakon MunkejordCEO

Mr. Munkejord is quite satisfied with the current development of the company, but knows that sales are not all that counts. “It’s a good feeling to know that our products really help to improve life. Every prevented or stopped leak is beneficial for the environment. You might also consider the financial aspect: water leakage can cause a lot of damage.”

Although Waterguard has become well-established in Norway and exports to neighbouring Sweden, the CEO intends to continue international expansion: “We wil have to focus more on the Nordic countries, and Germany probably soon. Additionally, we have an agent in the Czech Rebublic and Slovakia. I firmly believe there is still a lot of potential for us in other European countries.”