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Tomorrow’s IT solutions today


Since 1998, Webcom has been helping companies in a diverse range of sectors streamline their business processes through the use of IT platforms. Originally founded as a website building company, Webcom has developed into a full-service ERP and CRM solutions firm, serving industries such as automotive, real estate, engineering and healthcare. “We focus on Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX / CRM / NAV and, most recently, Microsoft Dynamics 365. Webcom offers implementation and services, consulting, development, training, support, and personal requests,” Webcom’s Head of Sales and Marketing Pavel Vanĕk explains.

Despite being an IT-based company, Webcom is at its core a business solutions company, which is a perspective that sets itself apart from its competitors.

“Our business approach to our customers is best described as concentration on business issues, rather than software. We focus on how our own solutions can help provide an individual approach and support. We call this the eight step analysis of business process. We hold workshops with our customers to find out what is most important to them and what key issues they deal with in their business processes,” underlines Mr. Vanĕk.

“Moreover, we often do not use any software before we see if the IT environment supports work with the customer’s main issues. Once that has been established, we then suggest software for self-organization, financial controlling, among others,” Mr. Vanĕk adds. Considering the market evolves so rapidly, such attention to the customer’s needs is essential. In particular, the younger generation of clients has a different set of preferences, such as the trend for renting more items than the older generation. Webcom is attuned to such shifts and is continually adapting itself to be a provider of more than just IT solutions.

Such awareness for people’s needs is a big part of what motivates Webcom, beginning with its employee recruitment. “Today’s market is highly competitive, and there’s a war for talent. We visit universities in the Czech Republic, invest extra resources in student and teacher events, and share our vision on campuses. We also encourage student internships at our company, both from Czech and Polish universities. And, of course, we are constantly looking at the market for freelancers and consultants,” highlights Mr. Vanĕk.


Webcom greatly values the people who make up the company and does as much as it can to demonstrate this support. “Webcom is a commercial company, so our duty is to provide results to our customers, but the knowledge of our employees and their practice of offering value-added solutions is our greatest asset, rather than laptops or cars. To acknowledge the importance of our people, we have family days and host office events and kick-off parties with our customers in order to train our employees, as well as employees of our customers,” points out Mr. Vanĕk.

Through adaptation and staying ahead of market trends, Webcom continues to help its customers step into the future as seamlessly as possible. “There is huge potential for our Polish subsidiary. Also, Microsoft Cloud and Dynamics 365 are very interesting to us for the future of business optimization solutions. During the next five to seven years, that is the future, and our clients adapt to the changing behaviour of their customers. These are the changes we see in the market and, in order to implement really valuable software, one has to be extremely innovative and proactive on one side and careful and considerate on the other. I often compare it a bit to an operation on the human body. It might be painful and unpleasant, but at the end of the day, it makes sense and helps the patient,” says Mr. Vanĕk.


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