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Weider is the first name in sports nutrition. At a closer look, Weider really means bodybuilding. Not only because the company offers a broad range of nutritional supplements for bodybuilders but also because Joe Weider, who founded the company and created the iconic brand in 1936, is recognized as the father of bodybuilding.

“Joe Weider and his brother Ben were veritable bodybuilding pioneers,” explains Sales Director Export Jörg Polter. “They made bodybuilding a popular sport back in 1940s America. Joe Weider was the first to understand the connection between exercise, nutrition and health. He published magazines, bibles of bodybuilding such as ‘Muscle and Fitness’ where he wrote about vitamins and bodybuilding, and the connection between body and mind. His thoughts were revolutionary back then and had a profound impact on the development of the sport and its reputation in the public. He supported Arnold Schwarzenegger when he arrived in the United States from Austria to start his bodybuilding career.”

As the Weider brothers always saw the big picture, they wrote about the sport, gave training advice, nutrition recommendations, sold machines and weights and nutrition supplements – and step by step, they built up a company that today is a leader in the sports nutrition industry. The company is still owned by the Weider family, run by Ben’s son Eric and is headquartered in Seattle. The German subsidiary Weider Germany GmbH was established in 2003.

“We concentrate on distribution and marketing over here while all production processes are outsourced to carefully selected partners in Europe,” states Marketing Manager Jan Erdmann. “Instead of production, we place a strong focus on research and development. This means we constantly launch new products setting new standards; their recipes are developed in-house.”

”With a workforce of 15 employees, Weider Germany is responsible for distribution throughout Europe and neighbouring countries, which is a total of 45. “Our offer embraces around 400 products these days,” sums up Mr. Polter. “Nutrition supplements for bodybuilders are still our core products; this is where the company is deeply rooted, where it comes from. However, we have constantly broadened our horizons. Today, we cater to the needs of different athletes and sports enthusiasts and aim to support them in achieving their goals. Furthermore, our products symbolize a certain lifestyle, are modern and trendy; they not only stand for performance but also for health. Against this backdrop, our target group includes bodybuilders, athletes and basically anyone who is interested in well-balanced, healthy nutrition.”

Nutrition supplements contain ingredients such as protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, creatine, vitamins and minerals, caffeine, Omega-3 and L-Carnitine. There are drinks and bars, products to train muscles, to gain weight, to boost strength, for pre-workout and post-workout.

Weider is a brand that was created in 1936. The founders, Joe and Ben Weider, were pioneers in the field of fitness and bodybuilding. Still today, you can feel this innovative spirit. Jörg PolterSales Director Export

“A real highlight and a best seller in Germany is Protein 80 plus,” emphasizes Mr. Erdmann. “It is a multi-component product that ensures a high level of protein over a long time. We put emphasis on products that are low in sugar and fat as this is particularly important for athletes. They improve endurance and are perfect for supporting their training regime. In a nutshell, they are efficient, healthy, tasty and of high quality. A real novelty is Yippie!, a delicious bar and a healthy alternative to traditional chocolate bars.”

In Germany, Weider products can be found in gyms, fitness shops but also supermarkets such as Rossmann, Rewe and Müller, whereas in foreign countries, the company cooperates with distributors. Last but not least, online sales are becoming increasing popular. Weider will continue placing a strong focus on healthy lifestyle and sports products – and prospects are bright. The fitness industry is still growing, and more and more people are exercising and playing sports.

“Our brand’s roots go back to 1936, but our concept perfectly matches today’s lifestyle,” states Mr. Polter. “We are keen to make the most of this beneficial situation.”

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