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Driving the wheels of warehouse automation


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The company prides itself on its Swedish-made storage and lifting solutions. Storage equipment includes pallet and cantilever racks, sigma beams and pull-out units. Weland Solutions also specializes in vertical storage lifts, which are customized in relation to the number, weight and size of the articles to be stored, and the size, layout and ceiling height of the warehouse. Vertical storage lifts are reliable, enable versatility and space saving, are ergonomically sound, and enhance picking speeds, all of which helps to optimize the management of the storage facility. One particular feature of Weland Solution’s portfolio is one of its latest developments, the Compact Dynamic, a picking solution which enables 40 to 50 machines to be linked together for efficient and effective picking. Another related product is the Compact Twin, which is ideal when time is of the essence. It can handle two load trays in the same sequence – one in the waiting position and one in the picking position – which more than doubles the picking rate. “With the Compact Twin, you never have to lift the box,” emphasizes CEO Björn Karlsson. “You simply roll it, which is ideal for moving heavy boxes.”

Weland Solutions is particularly renowned for its rigid rack solution with four-wheel drive, which provides optimum stability. The company delivers customized warehouse equipment to a wide range of clients, many of whom are in the automotive industry, and include such prestigious names as VW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Rolls-Royce. “Generally, when fitting out a warehouse, our clients want to be able to work with a single supplier,” says Mr. Karlsson. “We have the capability to be that one supplier, because we offer tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of every individual situation. We are also extremely reliable. We are not the biggest company in the market, but this is actually an advantage; it allows us to offer a huge level of flexibility.”

While Scandinavia was once Weland Solutions’ key market, today the company is truly international. It supplies customers in the large economies across Europe – Italy, Germany, France, and the UK – as well as newer European markets such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company is also active in the South American, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. “Trust is our priority as far as exports are concerned,” stresses the CEO. “It is vital that we do international business in the right way. From a marketing and support perspective we work with local partners, which allows more flexibility and enables us to respond to local idiosyncrasies, and also undertake on-site maintenance and after-sales service.”

The company was founded in 1999 in Sweden as Compact Logistic System AB, initially selling machinery made in the US. Wanting to improve product quality, the owners hired a logistics engineer, undertook some research, and developed a brand new four-wheel drive system, which has become Weland’s signature technology. In 2012, the company began to develop customized solutions, which are now its main focus. A partnership with the Weland Group began in 2001; the group ultimately bought out Compact, which changed its name, first to Weland Lagersystem, and in 2018, to Weland Solutions. “Belonging to the Weland Group has given us the opportunity to develop new products and markets, and to improve our in-house production facilities and capabilities,” notes Mr. Karlsson. “All our development and production, including software development, is done in-house in Sweden, and while the Weland Group undertakes a diverse range of activities around the world, it is owned by a Swedish family and is very strongly rooted here.” The switch to tailored solutions has resulted in a 20% growth over the past three to four years, and huge interest has been generated in new markets. “Although we are relatively small, we operate like a big company and the market is eager for our customized solutions,” Mr. Karlsson points out. “Our equipment is supremely reliable, and we respond quickly and flexibly to our clients’ demands.”

In 2019, Weland Solutions will implement the first installations of its new Compact Dynamics system. “We are undertaking more and more Industry 4.0 activity,” confirms Mr. Karlsson. “Machine connectivity is very important for us, and we have been working on this for some time. Now we are about to roll it out to our clients; it will give them the capability of analyzing their data and activity. Our vision is to supply our customized equipment around the world; this will take time, but we will get there. Our ultimate aim is not to be the biggest provider in the market, but the leader.”

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