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From vision to reality in one full package


“Sometimes we provide the endtoend package, sometimes we work as a subcontractor, where we undertake just the construction aspect,” explains CEO Martin Zákopcan. “Flexibility to adapt to individual client requirements is one of our key strengths.” XENEX’s core business is construction. In particular, the company focuses on multifunctional houses and apartment buildings, as well as larger structures such as office buildings, hotels and sports complexes. Through its sister company, XENEX Design, which specializes in interior design, XENEX is able to provide the full package, on any basis that the client desires.

“Our central business involves working with investors; we undertake the project planning and take care of the construction and interiors,” says Mr. Zákopcan. “Some investors come to us with a project plan, others approach us with just a vision. Our work is about cooperation, in whatever form that takes.” XENEX Design provides the construction company with a very clear competitive edge.

“There is huge competition in the construction sector,” underlines the CEO. “There are many companies who deliver only infrastructure, or just interiors; it is very hard to find the whole package. We have the equipment and staff to undertake the complete project.”

Mr. Zákopcan founded XENEX together with his brother Stanislav in 2007, after several years in the reconstruction business where they gained contacts and experience. “We were invited to tender for a large infrastructure, and this really kicked things off for XENEX. We won the contract and delivered it within budget, demonstrating our total reliability,” points out Mr. Zákopcan.

Today, the brothers still own XENEX, XENEX Design and a further independent but connected firm, Full Services, which specializes in project development. More recently, XENEX has been working on several new and exciting projects, both at home and abroad. A multifunctional building in Madrid is due for completion in the coming weeks, and has resulted in more than just monetary benefits.

“It has been a great learning process for us, and has opened doors to many other projects in Spain,” emphasizes Mr. Zákopcan. “XENEX designed the interior part, including the ‘flying tunnel’, where visitors to the center can fly in a tube-like construction. Although we didn’t supply the technology, it was a prominent part of our interior design.” Other recent projects include a gymnastic hall at an Olympic center for athletes in Slovakia. “Architecturally, this building is very interesting,” explains Mr. Zákopcan. “It features a visible wooden structure, which is part of a support system including also the concrete and iron used in the building. It is very special.”

XENEX works with many large financial groups and developers, who value the company’s speed of reaction and flexibility, and its skill in handling huge challenges. “Each of our projects is unique and original; that is what really motivates me,” underlines Mr. Zákopcan. “We have also delivered some very challenging projects, which we achieved through great teamwork and cooperation with partners. I believe we have huge potential.”

In the immediate future, XENEX will be focusing on developing its presence in foreign markets; besides Spain, it currently operates in Germany, Austria and Belgium. “We also want to move further into the development market,” adds Mr. Zákopcan. “Alongside our work with investors and partners, which remains extremely important to us, we want to increase our market presence by developing our own projects. We continue to have a tremendous hunger for work, and there are great opportunities ahead.”

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