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Drink in the good


“The tea Yogi Bhajan served to his students after his courses was a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and black pepper,” says Conrad Myers, CEO of the global YOGI TEA® brand. “Even today, whether herbal, spice, green or chai tea, each YOGI TEA® composition is based on the know-how of the Ayurvedic philosophy of promoting people’s well-being and vitality.”

Today, the palatable portfolio of YOGI TEA® boasts more than 45 different types of teas made from over 80 different herbs and spices. YOGI TEA® Classic is still a best seller.

“Our Classic YOGI TEA® is the tea Yogi Bhajan originally served to his yoga students,” says Mr. Myers. “It can best be enjoyed in the Indian tradition: sweetened and with a little milk or milk substitute. The essence of this tea is ‘comfort and abundance’.” Other flagships of the YOGI TEA® range include Ginger Lemon and Bedtime.

Recently, the tea experts introduced two innovations: Green Tea Matcha Lemon and Immune Support. Immune Support is an Ayuvedic blend of echinacea, acerola cherry and elderberry. “The tea is an ideal supplement to a varied and balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle,” says Mr. Myers. “Its essence is ‘well sheltered’.” Green Tea Matcha Lemon is a blend of green tea, matcha, lemongrass and lime for a fusion of Ayurvedic herbalism and Buddhist green tea handcraft. Delicate tencha leaves, shaded from sunlight in the final weeks before harvest for a distinctive, mild flavour, join the high-quality matcha that Buddhist monks traditionally used during long meditations.

The tangy and fruity tastes of lemongrass and lime complete this delicious blend to create a one-of-a-kind tea experience. The essence of this tea is “harmonious through the day.”

Through the continuous growth of the company, today, YOGI TEA® GmbH in Germany and sister brand Yogi® in the US have over 200 employees combined who continue to ‘serve the spirit’. Many of the employees as well as some of the managers are members of the Sikh community.

“The way we run our business is also based on our original values,” says Mr. Myers. “We take our social and ecological responsibility towards people, our environment and nature very seriously. Our Ayurvedic herbal and spice teas stimulate the balance of body, mind and spirit. This would be impossible without the high-quality ingredients produced by certified organic farmers. We support several sustainability projects in our growing locations. We also support people in need all over the world, especially children who are left to their own devices and who are too small to help themselves.”

One of the current projects YOGI TEA® is involved in is the Medadumbara Education Project. Medadumbara is located in Sri Lanka’s Central Province. Most of the farmers in the local Export Crop Producers Society are poor. As Medadumbara is located primarily in the central mountains of Sri Lanka and the public schools are far away, YOGI TEA® sponsors a scholarship program for children from poor families so that they can afford an education. The Kumari Project in Nepal is another commitment.

“After ten years of civil war, Nepal has more than 10,000 orphans,” says Mr. Myers. “The Kumari Project was set up to get children off the streets and provide them with a safe home. This project is a matter of the heart for us as it was initiated by a native Nepalese woman who was adopted when she was seven years old by a former YOGI TEA® employee.”

The Nevandra Project in India includes two sponsorships which offer needy children in Hyderabad new hope. “We help them to stand on their own two feet and give them the love and attention every child deserves,” says Mr. Myers. “Social involvement in India is espcially important to us because here lie the roots of YOGI TEA®. Traditionally, we purchase many of our delicious ingredients from the country. Poverty and hunger are widespread in India, and children, as the weakest members of society, are hit the hardest.”

YOGI TEA® has a clear vision: “We want to serve YOGI TEA® to the world,” says Mr. Myers. “There are promising prospects for us in both our existing and new markets. Yet, despite all growth ambitions, we will stay true to our mission: feel good, be good, do good.”

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