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Smarter energy solutions


“As a company of Innowatio group, Yousave focuses on energy efficiency solutions and services,” sums up Managing Director Antonino Toro. “Our aim is to help large energy consumers and public administrations reap the benefits of a wide range of energy-saving technologies.”

Yousave’s projects reduce energy bills by reducing and optimizing consumption. This is achieved through several lines of activity.

“In particular we are responsible for energy audits. We help clients obtain energy efficiency certificates and trade them on the market. We offer engineering services, implement the best practices in terms of energy use and adopt the latest technologies. We also look after operation and maintenance, and we offer follow-ups. Our typical projects concern industrial facilities, commercial and public buildings as well as street lighting and other energy-based municipal services.”

Yousave is a facet of Innowatio’s holistic approach to partnering with energy consumers. This is obtained by offering a comprehensive range of services, ranging from portfolio management to market access, from consumption optimization to the development and marketing of capabilities to change the consumer’s load response to volatile spot electricity prices.

Youtrade is an Innowatio company that specializes in energy portfolio management and demand-side management services. Other members of the group are Innowatio Technologies, which focuses on energy production systems, and BeNR, which retails energy and natural gas to small and medium-sized companies.

Thanks to Innowatio Argentina, the company successfully entered a promising foreign market to realize energy-efficient projects abroad.

“Innowatio’s companies operate seamlessly across services and geographies. The entire group concentrates on future-oriented energy management services,” explains Mr. Toro. “Our ability to deliver a full range of energy-related services is unique to the Italian market. We are among Italy’s few players that have obtained the qualification of European Energy Service Companies (ESCo.),” he emphasizes. “We are now working to implement the same philosophy throughout Europe starting with Germany. In this sense it is the recent acquisition of a Clean Energy Sourcing, a German energy market operator that will strengthen our market positions in the areas of energy efficiency, coordination of energy flows from decentralized systems, virtual power plants, demand management and renewable energy on a European scale.”

Innowatio was founded in 2008 by a management team with international experience in energy markets. Innowatio’s four managers have a 60% majority stake; the remaining shares are held by investment companies and venture capital.

The entire group employs 170 people and recorded one billion EUR in turn-over in 2014. 90% of sales are made up by trading activities. Yousave has a workforce of 40 employees and annual sales of 35 million EUR.

“In 2014, the financial supplement of the ‘Repubblica’, ‘Affari & Finanza’, ranked Innowatio number two on the Italian market for value creation. We want to be one of Europe’s major demand-side management companies – and we are sure that this goal is within the realms of possibility.”

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