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Your property, our responsibility


Yxime is a real estate management firm providing the complete spectrum of services, from consulting for purchase and sales transactions to property and facility management. The company belongs to Groupe Financière Duval, a group of real estate businesses with two complementary activities in development and exploitation.

“The Group’s real estate development division includes several companies, in particular CFA and Alamo, which are both specialized in property development and project management, and Yxime which provides property management services for commercial and industrial clients,” explains Yxime’s Managing Director Patrice Cailly. “The real estate exploitation Groupe Financière Duval, which is majority owned by the Group’s founder Eric Duval, comprises Odalys, which manages 370 holiday residences all over France and across Europe, and NGFGOLF which manages 120 golf courses worldwide.”

Yxime was established under the name IRIMMO in 1994 and has been part of Groupe Financière Duval since 2007. “Since then, we have grown to 170 employees, eleven regional agencies and 21 million in annual revenues,” says Mr. Cailly.

The whole group employs over 2,500 people and turns over 600 million EUR. Yxime is not a real estate agency but provides the whole range of property management services. “Our services include consulting for buyers and sellers, managing lease contracts and rental incomes, facility management services, compliance management with regard to legal requirements, risk management and other services required by our clients,” states Mr. Cailly.

With its comprehensive real estate management solutions, Yxime enables its customers to focus on their core competences. “We call it ‘your property, our responsibility’,” Mr. Cailly describes the philosophy of the French property manager.

Yxime focuses on professional clients only: financial services providers, investment and pension funds, insurance groups, corporate clients and, to some extent, public institutions. One of the most well-known clients of the company is SNCF, France’s national railway company.

Yxime currently manages properties covering more than six million square meters. “70% of the properties are office buildings,” explains Mr. Cailly. “The remaining 30% include logistics facilities, industrial manufacturing buildings, retail facilities and shopping centers, combined office and residential buildings and also residential buildings.”

With most customers, Yxime has long-term contracts. Yxime is a good example of a business that has benefitted from the economic crisis. “In difficult economic times, investors are more interested in the solidity of their existing properties instead of buying and selling,” explains Mr. Cailly. “With our services, we can provide this solidity by improving the properties’ degree of utilization and long-term profitability.”

A second trend Yxime is benefiting from is the growing demand from large corporate clients who are entrusting the management of their real estate to reliable, external service providers.

“We have just won a contract with the car maker Citroën Peugeot and with the European Parliament in Brussels,” says Mr. Cailly.

Yxime distinguishes itself from the competition through its complete offering in managing diverse properties, its high flexibility in adapting to changing market demands and meeting individual customer needs and its excellent, nationwide reputation.

In addition, the company is always close to the customer. “Two thirds of our staff work at the local agencies,” states Mr. Cailly. In order to expand its services to neighbouring countries,

Yxime is building an international property management network in cooperation with partners in the Netherlands and the UK and soon also in Germany. “We want to be able to offer complete property management services to large, internationally operating clients from a single source,” explains Mr. Cailly. “The network will also enable us to refer existing clients in France to our partners abroad, and vice versa.”

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