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A new approach to drive technology


In 2012, ZEICOM’s system will get its final approval and will be introduced to the market. “Already in 2010, we were granted an exemption certificate in order to test vehicles which were equipped with the new technology,” Controlling Manager Agneta Zeiler points out.

It was her husband Armin Zeiler who set up ZEICOM as a new platform for his ambitious ideas. Armin Zeiler was and still is convinced that his new mixed drive technology is the key to cutting fuel costs and reducing CO2 emissions considerably.

“We have not yet been given the final approval by the German authorities, but in some other countries it is possible to start using this new technology,” says Ms. Zeiler. “We have already invested huge sums in the development of the new alternative drive technology and are highly convinced that it will become a success in vehicle manufacturing within the next years.”

ZEICOM’s new technology is based on a mixed operation mode for diesel with LPG or CNG. The diesel injection is reduced while simultaneously gas is added. The direct consequences are obvious: reduced CO2 emissions and lower diesel consumption. Thus, the investment is amortised in a short period of time.

“Our project is supported by Innovativ Bayern (Innovative Bavaria). Currently, we are about to licence the system in Germany, and we are also looking for cooperation partners,” Ms. Zeiler explains.

ZEICOM employs a workforce of 15 people and has been experiencing a positive upward development recently. “Our main focus is on further developing our innovative system. One of our first references is Mitsubishi Germany to whom we delivered R 115 kits for new or used cars,” states Ms. Zeiler. “A Mercedes AMG with 550 hp has also been converted using our technology. Those are gasoline-driven cars, which other companies can do, as well, but our mixed drive technology is one of a kind.”

ZEICOM has already operated various test vehicles like an Actros truck and a Sprinter, making use of the new diesel-LPG system. The product has overcome the initial development stage and is ready for the market. ZEICOM is looking for strong investors in order to accelerate the approval procedure and to launch the new system on the market. A large volume production is another key objective.

“We are thinking of new fields of application. In the future, we are going to strengthen our activities in the construction machinery sector, as here no special licences are required. Another market segment would be the production of agricultural machinery,” states Ms. Zeiler.

In addition to addressing strong investors, ZEICOM is currently approaching companies specialised in converting drive technology.

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