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Competence in steel


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“Our product is special, and we are indeed the only company in Poland to provide SIN profiles which are used in large-scale steel constructions. These profiles provide lightness through their special framework and offer excellent value for money,” points out Member of the Board Marek Gierat. “They unite a high weight-bearing capacity with a low construction height, making wide-span constructions highly economical.”

At its state-of-the-art production plant in Ruda Śląska, Zekon operates a computerised process to manufacture the SIN corrugated web l-beams. “Normally, the plate girder consists of three straight plates, but in our production the middle plate is corrugated, thus making the entire construction more stable. We are able to produce the SIN beams in different dimensions up to a height of 1,500 mm, according to the requirements. It reduces weight and costs while still delivering the same stability,” explains Mr. Gierat.

This innovative technology has been applied in a number of high-profile building constructions, including Lodz train station, by far the largest traffic junction in Poland. “Here, we were responsible for the design of the steel structure of three separate buildings. The roof surface consists of a steel tube structure made up of triangles and is supported by a system of suspension ropes,” says Mr. Gierat. “We received an award from the Polish Chamber of Steelwork for this project in 2017.” The company’s competence in steel structural elements has also been demonstrated in the reconstruction of Salzburg station in 2013.

“For this project, we were awarded the European Steel Award by the ECCS (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork). It was an interesting and challenging construction. Part of the station was built in the 19th century. We have transported it to our production premises here in Poland, renovated the steel construction and sent it back to Austria. In addition, we set up a completely new part which is five times larger than the old one,” points out Mr. Gierat who started working for the Polish department of Zeman Group in 1994.

In 2008 the production was moved to new production facilities. Today, it operates a 10,000 m² production hall boasting cutting edge technology. “When the company first started to operate I had just finished my technical studies and was thrilled to start working in such an exciting new company, and this excitement has never ceased,” says Mr. Gierat who has been one of the two members of the board since 2015 and is responsible for the company’s production.

Today, the company is part of the Zeman Group which operates 15 engineering and production companies in Europe focusing on steel construction, machine engineering and engineering, producing 2,500 t per month, with Zekon being one of its production subsidiaries with a monthly production output of 1,500 t. “We have specialized in the prefabrication of steel structures for industrial halls and warehouses as well as sports and commercial facilities, and, in addition, we work for the power generation and petrochemical industries,” stresses Mr. Gierat.

“We have worked on steel construction projects in Poland, Austria, England, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, plus a number of African countries such as Ghana, Mali and Mauritania which were commissioned by cement plant operators. Here, we had the construction shipped in 220 containers,” says Mr. Gierat. “Today, we work for customers all over the world. We are going to expand our activities in SIN profile manufacturing, as demand here is really huge, but we are also eager to acquire other new areas as well.”