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Zelmotor is the largest Polish manufacturer of electrical motors for home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, mixers and fans. In addition, the company offers plastic injection, mechanical machining and plastic stamping services, also for external customers.

“We produce almost 100% of the motor components, including all plastic parts and the shafts,” says CEO Marek Dymek. “At the same time, we provide contract manufacturing services to third-party clients,” adds Production Director Jacek Malec.

Zelmotor has 195 employees and sales revenues close to nine million EUR. The company was established as a spin-off of Zelmer S.A., the leading Polish supplier of household appliances, in 2010. “We took over the machinery and the workforce from Zelmer and are continuing the long tradition in manufacturing electrical motors which dates back to 1958,” states Mr. Dymek.

Zelmotor produces over two million high-performance, low-noise commutator motors per year. The company boasts state-of-the-art production equipment and its own research and development facilities. “We have a construction and technology lab where we design new motors and improve existing products,” explains Mr. Malec.

When it started eight years ago, Zelmotor was primarily focused on large production volumes and standard motors. “Today, we have a much bigger product portfolio with custom-engineered electrical motors for a wide diversity of specific customer demands,” states Mr. Dymek. “It is better to be a manufacturer of customized solutions than a mass producer.”

We have quality products, can deliver at short notice and are very flexible in meeting individual customer needs. Marek DymekCEO

In Poland, Zelmotor does not have much competition. “Our main competitors come from other European countries and China,” explains Mr. Dymek. “We have the advantage, though, of being in the middle of Europe and thus closer to our clients.”

“We have quality products, can deliver at short notice and are very flexible in meeting individual customer needs,” says Mr. Malec. “We are planning to build a new factory and relocate to that facility for strategic reasons,” concludes Mr. Dymek.