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High rise investment in the Polish capital


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Złota 44 is an address well-worth noting. The Daniel Libeskind-designed apartment building in the heart of downtown Warsaw represents an outstanding investment opportunity in an up-and-coming real estate market. Złota 44 is a landmark, 192 m, 52-floor tower with 287 unique apartments and a 600 m2 luxury penthouse.

As well as providing luxury residential accommodation in the heart of the Polish capital, it boasts 1,800 m² of amenities for residents, including the largest private swimming pool in the country. “Złota 44 is a building of superlatives,” says Christopher Zeuner who is Head of Europe for Amstar, the majority shareholder of the building, and the person with ultimate responsibility for ensuring the sale of apartments now that the construction phase of the project has been completed.

“Of course, the building’s biggest selling point is its beautiful and unique architecture designed by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind,” Mr. Zeuner enthuses. “He has also been entrusted with high profile, prestigious projects such as the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the Ground Zero project in Manhattan. But his vision has been translated into reality by many other talented collaborators.”

US real estate investment management company Amstar is one of them. The company bought the topped-out but unfinished building from its initial developer, ORCO, together with Warsaw-based real estate development company BBI Development.

“We finished the building and the apartments and are now actively marketing it to buyers,” says Mr. Zeuner. “Over 70% of the apartments have already been sold and there is strong interest in the remainder.”

Christopher Zeuner
Złota 44 represents an ideal opportunity to invest and watch that investment rocket in value. Christopher ZeunerHead of Europe at Złota 44 Sp. z o.o.

Złota 44 is a luxury product and Mr. Zeuner heads up a technical team that is not just involved in sales but also implementing client wishes regarding the decor and layout of their apartment. “The refined design of the apartments and common areas is the work of the London-based Woods Bagot Studio,” describes Mr. Zeuner. “They have created truly exclusive luxury interiors that combine sophistication with comfort and make the best use of the panoramic views of one of the greatest and fastest growing European capitals.”

The crowning achievement is, of course, the three-storey, 600 m² penthouse apartment but all of the apartments have been designed and furnished with equal care and attention to the fine details. This attention to detail extends also to the building technology, which is state-of-the-art. The entire facade is encased in triple-glazed window units to minimize thermal energy loss and keep energy consumption low.

Internal temperature is regulated through the use of internal blinds and tilting window panels controlled via a control panel in the apartment or remotely via a smartphone app. The system reduces energy costs by 20%. It also provides effective noise insulation.

“Warsaw is a noisy city and acoustics are important,” states Mr. Zeuner. “We have installed an air filtration unit that supplies fresh air to all of the apartments and a special water treatment unit that supplies high quality drinking water and negates the need to buy bottled water. Our commitment to the environment can also be seen in the space given for 288 bicycles in the underground bicycle park and electric car charging station.”

Złota 44 is undoubtedly the most prestigious residential property currently available to buy in Warsaw, and likely to be for some time to come. For many of the buyers, it combines a solid investment opportunity with a wonderful place to live. The soft advantages are just as convincing an argument to potential buyers as the hard statistics.

“We have a lot of Polish buyers, of whom more than half are successful business people,” says Mr. Zeuner. “When I am there, I can feel the strong sense of community and see the obvious opportunities for the residents to network.”

In other words, the benefits of ownership are not just financial. “We have had instances of neighbours concluding successful business deals with contacts they have made here,” adds Mr. Zeuner. “It is a development we are keen to foster with special events that we organize for residents.”

In a highly mobile world, Złota 44 is clear that it is in competition with other cities. “When we talk about luxury, people expect a pool, jacuzzi, gym, cinema, bar and sauna as a bare minimum,” says Mr. Zeuner. “We also offer a massage room, golf simulator, wine storage facility and other recreational amenities to make life in Złota 44 even more attractive. Our concierge service is available to cater to any other needs.”

Złota 44 is a worthy calling card for a city on the up and up. “Warsaw is half the price of Prague and its economy is booming,” says Mr. Zeuner. “It represents an ideal opportunity to invest and watch that investment rocket in value.” Besides residents can be the part of dedicated them Club 44, the platform of meetings, entertainment, quality discussions with external experts.