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ASCARAPID P - Planer type boring mill

The modular designed ASCARAPID series modular provides every user an attractive price-performance ratio for a large number of applications.

Whether powerful heavy roughing or accurate finish processing:  the ASCARAPID machine is always a good and reliable choice!


- Modular design kit
- Complete cast design of frame units
- Direct measuring systems
- Latest, energy-efficient servo drives
- Quick and easy installation via fixators

Planer-type boring mill

Spindle diameter (mm) 130 155

Power (kW) 41 - 51

Speed (rpm) 3,500 - 3,000

Torque (Nm) 2,500 - 3,200

Travel W-axis (mm) 800 - 1,000

Table size, W x L (mm):

1,600 x 1,800
1,800 x 2,000
2,200 x 2,500         

Table load, max.(t) 16 - 25 / 40

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