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VARIOTWIN 4.0 – The first flat-roof mounting system with integrated clamps.


The first flat-roof mounting system with integrated clamps. A flat-roof mounting system that reduces set-up time and thus set-up costs significantly, contains all the components you need and cuts out all unnecessary material.

Click it, mount it, weight it – done.

Thanks to its integrated clamps, VARIOTWIN 4.0 is the fastest flat-roof mounting system in the world. With its two integrated module clamps, the system is fast and easy to install. It takes less than two minutes to install 1 kWp. You do not need any other components, such as rails or screws. The ballast weight is considerably lower due to the aerodynamic form. Lower material volume and weight also means lower transport costs. Count on the system with the patented 2-Click System.

Dimensions / Weight

Length: 1419 mm

Height: 360 mm

Width: 300 mm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Angle: 12°



Material: HDPE

UV resistant


For almost every solar module


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