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The flat roof mounting system VarioTwin® Large is a system which impresses with its variable shape and stability.

An absolute highlight of the product is the fact that it can be extended indefinitely and is only limited by the amount ofspace available. Thanks to the variability of the installation it can be positioned without gaps between the individual elements and is therefore not susceptible to wind damage. Owing to the VarioTwin® Large‘s design virtually all standard solarmodules can be fitted horizontally. The individual elements are connected using the VarioTwin® Large stacking system.

The universal construction and resulting flexible installation also ensure that it is easy to determine the optimal amount of ballast required. The side opening on the VarioTwin® Large prevents heat accumulation and subsequent reduction in efficiency of the solar panels. Additional holes drilled into the stand have a dual function allowing water to run off and cable clips to be secured.

Dimensions / Weight

Length: 1600 mm

Height: 480 mm

Width: 610 mm

Weight: 5,46 kg

Angle: 27°


Material: HDPE

UV resistant

For almost every solar module


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for virtually all standard solar panels
  • Optimal cooling effect thanks to built-in side openings
  • Installation without roof penetration
  • Permits installations of any length
  • HDPE material / non-conductive
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