ASCAMILL T - Portal milling machine in table design

The ASCAMILL series was desinged to complement our VERTIMASTER portal turning/milling machines. Efficiency, precision, operator convenience and, not least, ease of service, characterize this new generation of portal milling machines.

Column, connection part and cross rail are manufactured of quality casting. The cross rail is adjustable without steps.

The new table design is developed on bionic cognition and manufactured as special honeycomb structure. So it’s highly inherently stable and nevertheless weight optimized. The table feed in X-direction as well as the support saddle representing the Y-axis is driven by servomotor, gears and double pinion/rack and therewith guarantees maximum stiffness and accuracy. The drives of the linear axes X and Y are electronically preloaded.

The ram is made of cast design GGG 60 and the ram housing of cast design GGG 40. Another highlight the C-axis integrated into the ram can be positioned in steps of 0.5 degree.

The proven Masterhead Principle allows a flexible and technology oriented application of several machining heads. The automatic tool changing system with chain magazine is vertically mounted on the left hand column of the machine and can be loaded / unloaded during the machining process.

The CNC control Sinumerik 840D sl is easy to operate. The machine is equipped with up to date energy efficient servo drives. Direct absolute measuring systems obviate any need of reference runs. All CNC axes are based on centrally lubricated linear guideway systems.



- Designed as modular system
- Gearless boring and milling drive by torque motor
- All axes are centrally lubricated linear guide systems
- Most modern, energy-efficient servo drives
- Easy programming with Sinumerik 840D sl
- Easy and quick installation without special foundation required
- Direct measuring systems in all axes
- Masterhead system

Table-type portal milling machine

Power, boring and milling (kW) 60

Torque, max. (Nm) 1,000

Spindle speed, max. (rpm) 4,000, optional 6,000

Travel Z-axis (mm) 1,100, optional 1,500

Machining height (mm) 2,000 , optional 2,500

Integrated C-axis (°) ± 185

Table size, WxL (mm):

2,000 x 4,000 / 2,000 x 6,000
2,500 x 5,000 / 2,500 x 6,000
3,000 x 6,000 / 3,000 x 8,000

Table load, max. (t) 20 -  25/30 - 30/40

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