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VARIOTWIN 4.1 – The new generation of mounting systems: „THE EASY WAY“ (copy 1)

The fastest mounting system for thin-film modules

Solardirekt VARIOTWIN 4.1 - Assembly instructions


With the VARIOTWIN 4.1, we now offer a mounting system for thin-film PV modules, with unparalleld, short construction timeframes, easy handling and a significant reduction in assembly costs.

Click it, mount it, weight it – done.

Thanks to its integrated clamps, VARIOTWIN 4.1 is the fastest flat-roof mounting system in the world. With its two integrated module clips, approved by First Solar®, the system is fast and easy to install. You do not need any other components. The ballast weight is considerably lower due to the aerodynamic form. Lower material volume and weight also means lower transport costs.

Dimensions / Weight

Length: 1572 mm

Height: 247 mm

Width: 310 mm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Angle: 7°



UV resistant


Module clips approved by First Solar®

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