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It is all about quality...and location


Impresa Ing. Galbiati has a portfolio based on two solid cornerstones: property development, including everything from the construction to the entire project management, and the rental of apartments and entire housing estates.

The company was founded in 1889 by Antonio and Roberto Galbiati. Today, it is run by the fifth generation of the Galbiati family. “Impresa Ing. Galbiati is Italy’s oldest building company,” explains Managing Director Gianluigi Galbiati. “We are very proud of our exceptional tradition and always keep our traditional values in mind. Quality and reliability are our strengths. Quality has always been more important than quantity.”

Due to this impressively long tradition, the company has left its footprints in Lombardy. The Espiatoria chapel of the Royal Villa in Monza, the Intesa bank, a war memorial and many other buildings all mirror Impresa Ing. Galbiati’s extraordinary property competence.

The company has always focused on particularly complex projects. In 1906, it worked at the Royal Villa in Monza and constructed its famous Espiatoria chapel – a special project demanding profound expertise and know-how.

Today, the company focuses on high-end residential and industrial building projects. Only high-quality finishes and eco-friendly materials are used. 30 employees and annual sales of around ten million EUR illustrate that the quality-focused business approach pays off.

“We develop challenging property projects and sell final objects directly to customers,” says Mr. Galbiati. “Customers have the possibility to visit the building site regularly to get an impression of how things are developing. They can choose materials and influence the interior design. We look for the perfect marble together for instance. This is a huge advantage and is greatly appreciated. Our clients often feel spoiled when working with us. This is how a pleasant and trustful relationship is built.”

When it comes to the rental of houses and apartments, Impresa Ing. Galbiati falls back on a huge property portfolio and often works on behalf of third parties.

“We sometimes cooperate with major industrial clients building prestigious properties or high-end apartments,” states Mr. Galbiati. “Our customer portfolio is quite diversified and includes private customers, such as young families, as well as banks and global players.”

In the past, 100% of properties were sold before being finished. Today, the number has decreased to 60%. “We focus a lot on Monza,” adds Mr. Galbiati. “Here, a square meter in a prestigious location is about 7,800 EUR. One of our latest projects is the exclusive Zanzi Residence, where we offer 180 m² apartments with spacious roof terraces and outdoor pools. So far, we have already sold 40%, and the building is not even half-finished. We know that we owe this success to our excellent market reputation. Impresa Ing. Galbiati is well-known for high-quality property development and an excellent customer care concept.”

Working with Impresa Ing. Galbiati is truly favourable. “Customers save money because no agency is involved,” sums up Mr. Galbiati. “The entire buying process has a very personal character, and this is what many customers are looking for. Last but not least, we guarantee flexibility and integrity, and we stick to our schedule and budget. Now, we want to use these strengths to shift our focus more towards new markets. In the past we mainly concentrated on Lombardy. Now, Veneto and Trentino are on our agenda as well as foreign markets.”

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