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Manfred Brinkmann

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Manfred Brinkmann
Managing editor-in-chief

Spagl GmbH Factory Sale

Within the Realm of Possibility

A picture is only truly showcased when it is framed. This is exactly the topic dedicated to by a company from Bavaria: SPAGL GmbH. The fourth-generation family business...


Interview with Fabian Pernpointner, Managing Director of SPAGL GmbH

Bergbahn Lech-Oberlech Panorama

Enjoying the slopes, preserving nature

Snow reliability. The magic word for a successful winter season and uninterrupted fun on the slopes. In the Lech-Oberlech ski area in Austria, skiing is often possible...

Interview with Necip Lucian, Managing Director of Bergbahn Lech-Oberlech GmbH & Co. KG

IAB Industrieanlagenbau Ladle Trolley

"We can achieve even more!"

IAB Industrieanlagenbau Senftenberg GmbH from Lusatia has previously been primarily involved in the steel and smelting industry. In the coming years, it wants to...

Interview with Michael Schäfer Managing Director and Sven Siegemund, Production Manager of IAB Industrieanlagenbau Senftenberg GmbH

Rainer Haag, Managing Director of ematric GmbH

Clever Machines, Smart Processes

International competition, rising costs, and an ongoing shortage of skilled workers create a dynamic environment for manufacturing companies. Accordingly, production...

Interview with Ing. Rainer Haag, Managing Director of ematric gmbh

Linus Diener, COO of Diener AG Precision Machining

Precision, Continuity and Passion

Taking over a family business at the operational level and leading it into a successful future in the long term is a challenge – especially if one must quickly adapt...

Interview with Linus Diener, COO of Diener AG Precision Machining

Stefan Wüthrich, CEO of Kern AG

Packaging that Creates Success

E-commerce is growing, and with it the need for packaging solutions. Kern AG from Switzerland is an expert in envelope inserting and packaging machines. With highly...

Interview with Stefan Wüthrich, CEO of Kern AG

STA Soundproofing - Soundproofing for a conveyor system

"Want customers to feel well taken care of!"

Noise makes you sick. That's why it is also important at the workplace to protect against noise. sta Schalltechnische Anlagen GmbH from Hamm/Sieg specializes in...

Interview with Daniel Kunze, Executive Management of sta Schalltechnische Anlagen GmbH

Stefanie Bindzus, CEO of ITV GmbH

For an Airtight Connection

In pneumatics, compressed air or gas is used to drive tools or machinery. For this, connectors and systems are required to safely transport the air from A to B....

Interview with Stefanie Bindzus, CEO of ITV GmbH

Dipl.-Kfr. Ines Schultze and Dipl.-Ing. Holger Klein, Board Members of e-netz Südhessen AG

How the Energy Transition is Shaped in South Hesse

The e-netz Südhessen AG ensures the secure energy supply in the Rhine-Main-Neckar area and guarantees a functioning infrastructure for around one million people...

Interview with Dipl.-Kfr. Ines Schultze and Dipl.-Ing. Holger Klein, Board Members of e-netz Südhessen AG

© AdobeStock/tippapatt

The Partner for a Connected Future

In an increasingly connected world, digital infrastructure is the backbone that holds our societies, economies, and institutions together. The distribution of telecommunications...

Interview with Pierre-Pascal Urbon, CEO and CFO of KOMSA AG and Harald Josef Ollinger Vice President Marketing/Retail & Solutions of KOMSA AG

Michel Loris-Melikoff, CEO of the Kongresshaus Zürich AG

"Small and exquisite - a congress house like Switzerland"

On 5,300 m2 of multifunctional event space, the Kongresshaus Zürich hosts not only conferences, workshops, and general meetings, but also select concerts and exciting...

Interview with Michel Loris-Melikoff, CEO of the Kongresshaus Zürich AG

FD Pharma Headquarters

Safety and Quality: FD Pharma relies on Europe

Global trouble spots, a multi-year pandemic, and in the midst of it the German pharmaceutical market, whose Achilles' heel has now become the dependency on distant...

Interview with Christian Sarnoch, Managing Director of FD Pharma GmbH

Markus Leson, General Manager of Tokuyama Dental Germany GmbH

"With Omnichroma, we can create color from light!"

The aesthetic and functional demands of patients regarding restorative dental prosthetics have skyrocketed in recent years. Tokuyama Dental Germany GmbH distributes...

Interview with Markus Leson, General Manager of Tokuyama Dental Germany GmbH

BioMed AG Trade Fair Stand

Pharma Sales Professional for Switzerland

The trade in pharmaceuticals is highly regulated in Europe, both inside and outside the EU. This applies to prescription drugs as well as OTC products and even dietary...

Interview with Thomas Wirth, CEO of BioMed AG

Öko-Haus Open Field PV Plant

Solar Pioneer by Conviction

The solar industry is a central component of the energy transition. Germany plays an important role in this future market by international comparison. According...

Interview with Felix Steber, Managing Director of ÖKO-Haus GmbH

Beta Wellness Family Sauna with Panoramic View into the Garden

World-Class Wellness

The world of wellbeing is elevated to a new level, driven by companies like BETA Wellness HandelsgesmbH in Vösendorf near Vienna. With founder and CEO Ing. DI (FH)...

Interview with Ing. DI (FH) Markus Geyeregger, M.Sc., CEO of BETA Wellness HandelsgesmbH

A. Kolckmann Child

So that nothing and no one slips

With the invention of the anti-slip mat for carpets and tablecloths, Claus Kolckmann set standards. This laid the foundation for the success of A. Kolckmann GmbH,...

Interview with Johanna Kolckmann, Partner of A. Kolckmann GmbH

Wohungsbau Stadt Moers GmbH - former mining settlement in the Meerbeck district

When the City Creates Housing Itself

The former mining settlement in Meerbeck, located in the eastern part of Moers, exudes, especially in spring, a special charm. The city of Moers acquired a large...

Interview with Jens Kreische, Managing Director of Wohungsbau Stadt Moers GmbH

Thomas Ganter, Managing Partner of Hurrle Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG

On the Sunny Side: Real Estate Management in Baden

The real estate market is tense, the construction industry has come to a halt. Material shortages and energy price increases, jumps in interest rates and inflation,...

Interview with Thomas Ganter Managing Partner of Hurrle Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG

Egesun MorgenLand Coconuts

Commitment to a sustainable agriculture

Sustainable organic food is playing an increasingly important role in our society. In an age where environmental awareness and health are of central importance,...

Interview with Stephan Paulke, CEO of EgeSun GmbH

EPF Group Protein Bars

The Active Indulgence

The market for protein products is booming. Athletically ambitious individuals are reaching for protein bars or powders, while consumers wanting to lose weight opt...

Interview with Bas van den Berg, CEO of EPF Group BV

Guido Grebe, Managing Director KUNZMANN Winery - Mineral Springs - Fruit Juice GmbH & Co. KG

Kunzmann – The Mulled Wine Makers

Rudolf Kunzmann is the inventor of ready-to-drink bottled mulled wine, but as the name suggests, KUNZMANN Winery-Mineral Springs-Fruit Juice GmbH & Co. KG has much...

Interview with Guido Grebe, Managing Director KUNZMANN Winery - Mineral Springs - Fruit Juice GmbH & Co. KG

Confiserie Napoleon Lollipops

"With sweets, we make people happy!"

For centuries, people have sweetened their everyday lives with small treats. With a varied assortment, Confiserie Napoleon contributes to this. The more than 110-year-old...

Interview with Jamila Knoope, Marketing Manager of Confiserie Napoleon BV