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A forerunner not a follower


Bellini is a traditional and well-known expert in lubricants for metalworking and machining. Strict customer orientation, intense research and development activities and the constant quest to further improve products and services to the benefit of the customers have always been distinctive characteristics of the family-owned company that nowadays is run by the third generation of the Bellini family.

At the end of the day, these features have constantly propelled Bellini’s extraordinary development. It was Carlo Bellini and his wife Marina who founded the company in 1943. They first concentrated on the distribution of petroleum products and later developed their own brand.

In 1972, Carlo Bellini’s son Alberto Bellini, an industrial chemist, joined the company and paved the way for its further dynamic development. When he established Bellini SpA, this was a turning point in the company’s history.

From its origins as a trading company, Bellini became a producer of lubricants. At the end of the 1990s, new customers and an increasing demand forced Bellini to double its production capacities. In 2000, the company moved to a new, spacious headquarters, equipped with the latest technologies and top-notch laboratories.

At the same time, Bellini made contact with the German company Zeller & Gmelin GmbH looking for a distribution partner in Italy.

“We invited the company to visit our new plant and everyone was deeply impressed,” states President Alberto Bellini. “It was the beginning of a ten-year-contract that later on was extended for another ten years. Since then, we exclusively distribute lubricants on behalf of Zeller & Gmelin in Italy. It is a very constructive partnership as products complement each other perfectly. Everyone benefits from valuable synergies.”

Today, Bellini has 35 employees and generates annual sales of 20 million EUR. Even in times of crisis, the company managed to grow further and to establish important contacts to global players such as Robert Bosch.

“When my three sons joined the company, they had many new ideas and visions and fundamental know-how,” explains Mr. Bellini. “They started intensifying marketing activities and put a strong focus on research and development. Thanks to their commitment we got the certification ISO 9001 at a very early stage. Back then, we were among the first Italian companies to obtain this certification. 2008/2009 were difficult years and revenues massively declined; only two years later, we were able to grow significantly.”

A new product was one of the main driving forces behind Bellini’s extraordinary upsurge. In 2008, Bellini launched Harolbio, a line of green lubricants for metalworking. It was the impressive result of a close cooperation with a university department.

Harolbio is based on environmentally-friendly raw material deriving from renewable sources. “Harolbio is second to none,” emphasises Mr. Bellini. “It is a real market novelty and has had a very positive feedback right from its market introduction. The eco-friendly lubricants have become a flagship of the company and open up many new market opportunities. We are proud to be a pioneer in regard to green lubricants.”

As Bellini is keen to keep on growing, it now puts a stronger focus on exports. “So far, exports have been deeply neglected,” sums up Mr. Bellini. “Turkey and Portugal are core markets at the moment. Now, we are going to significantly strengthen our international activities.”

Another focus will be put on new products. While Bellini has mainly focused on lubricants for metalworking, cogeneration plants, the production of glasses and hydraulic machinery in the past, it now starts putting an eye on other industrial applications as well.

“We are currently working on the development of products for the textile industry and industrial ceramics,” adds Mr. Bellini. “We always wanted to be a forerunner instead of a follower – with Harolbio we already reached this goal.”

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