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Connecting to the future


“Due to the latest incidents in France and Denmark, people want safer environments,” he explains. “They want much more than just products. They demand comprehensive solutions and concepts for safe cities and safe environments. This is an important growth market, and we are one step ahead of our competitors. This year still, we will launch several new solutions for the security market.”

Nestor Cables is an expert in the production of optical and copper telecommunication and industrial cables. The company’s product spectrum also includes all necessary fiber optic cable accessories.

The company is particularly known for its instrumentation cables and special purpose optical cables. Often, these cables are used in difficult environments, for example for military applications.

“In Finland, we are located centrally and close to our customers,” Mr. Jaakkola explains the company’s success. “We know the market by heart, and our products have been developed for the Nordic region and its special requirements. All our products are stable and robust and withstand winter temperatures. In order to ensure top quality and top performance we use only original materials, for example. Our production facilities are also state of the art, and we keep investing in new machines and technology. We draw on our own product development team, as well, and we are one of the few players who are able to produce flexible optical cables. These cables are special: They are extremely flexible, easy to install and also smaller in size than conventional ones. They can be used for different purposes and for building complex networks. On the one hand, we are small enough to be able to react flexibly to our clients’ demands. On the other hand we are big enough to handle large quantities. This is an important competitive advantage for us.”

At present, the domestic market accounts for around half of the company’s annual turnover. In addition to this, Nestor Cables is active in the other Nordic countries, Russia, several Baltic countries, the USA, Africa and the Middle East. For the coming years, Mr. Jaakkola sees promising propects in North and North-East Africa.

“We have strong seasons in Finland,” says the CEO. “You cannot install cables in winter due to the extreme temperatures. Therefore, our aim is to find new markets in countries where we can work all year around, especially when the volumes in Finland go down, from September onwards.”

Nestor Cables was founded in 2007 by a group of former Nokia Cable employees. They commenced production in 2008. “Almost all our employees had a Nokia Cable background,” says Mr. Jaakkola. “Therefore, it was easy to start the business. At that time, Europe was suffering from a severe industrial crisis. But we already had good contacts to good customers. They helped us through those difficult years. Of course, our Nokia background was an important business driver, too.”

Today, Nestor Cables has a staff of 90 and achieves an annual turnover of around 31 million EUR. “We have a vision 2020,” says Mr. Jaakkola. “By 2020, we aim to have net sales over 100 million EUR and to operate production facilities outside of Finland, too. We would like to establish factories close to our clients as the demand for solutions will continue to grow. Therefore, you need customer proximity. We believe that by 2020 cables will only account for approximately 30% of our business volume. Our agenda is set. We also want to be a stock-listed company by 2020. To achieve all these goals, we have to be a smart company. Therefore, we will provide solutions instead of cables only.”

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