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The future is electric


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“We have taken the decision as a company to focus our attention even more intensively on the market for brushless motors,” says CEO Cristian Chilese. “That is why one of the key strategic decisions has been to invest in new machinery for the production of windings for synchronous motors with permanent magnets, called brushless direct current (BLDC). The advantage of this type of engine compared to the traditional asynchronous or DC lies in being more efficient, more compact and better able to be coupled with the electronics.”

This reflects its aim of targeting the growing e-mobility market. Another obstacle to its ability to serve this market will be overcome next year as Came is also working towards IATF 16949:2016 certification for its die-casting process in order to conform to the quality standards required by the automotive world.

“It is clear that e-mobility is going to be a major topic for the foreseeable future and that it is in our interest to be prepared to serve this growing market,” explains Mr. Chilese. “In a further step, we want to expand our activities in aluminium die casting even further and produce castings for third parties. This will allow us to break into markets such as the automotive, lighting, gas and automation sectors where we have not so far been present.”

As part of this strategy, Came will take part in the Euroguss trade fair in Nuremberg, which is the most important fair for players in the aluminium die casting industry.

Came’s core activities are focused on the production of both asynchronous and synchronous windings. Its activities in die casting came later as a complementary activity. Came windings are available for a wide range of electric motor applications, such as electric pumps, pumps, submerged pumps, gearmotors, pressure washers, gate openers and compressors.

Cristian Chilese CEO
E-mobility is set to be a major topic in the future, which is why we are increasingly targeting the automotive sector. Cristian ChileseCEO

In addition to its exhaustive range of standard products, the company can also manufacture customized solutions. “Our recent strong growth in this area can be attributed to significant investment in our means of production and in research and development,” notes CEO Matteo Chilese. “We have focused primarily on finding ways to maximize the potential of our inhouse expertise.”

Came’s goal is always to give its customers a complete solution. This goes far beyond the product itself. “Logistics considerations are an important part of our service,” describes Mr. Chilese. “We supply our customers in accordance with the Kanban system for just-in-time and lean manufacturing, which aligns inventory levels with actual consumption.”

This system is complemented by an in-house information portal that provides customers with real-time status information about current orders and pricing. “We introduced the portal a year ago, and it has been welcomed by our customers,” says Mr. Chilese. “Lean production is something we have done for the past five or six years in the windings side of the business and is also being implemented in the new die cast area of activity.”

With three production sites, 300 employees and turnover of 70 million EUR, Came is a reliable partner for its customers, offering ample production capacity to cope with large and small series production and end-to-end services to match. At present, just 20% of turnover is generated in export markets, but this is also set to change.

“We are well established in the Italian market and, thanks to recent investment, have the additional capacity to expand still further,” says Mr. Chilese. “We can well envisage generating that additional growth in foreign markets such as Germany, where there is significant potential, particularly for our innovative products.”

It is Germany’s dominant automotive sector that is particularly attractive for Came. That is the ultimate prize it hopes to claim through its developments in the area of brushless motors and its targeting of third party clients for its die cast activities. Mr. Chilese is confident that this prize is within Came’s reach: “We have much to offer. It is just a question of getting the message across.”

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