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Global technology services from the heart of Europe


Established in 2006 by CEO, Gregoire Nitot, Sii Poland is the largest subsidiary within the Sii Group, which was founded in France in 1979.

With its headquarters in Warsaw and a further eight branches across Poland, the company employs over 2,300 staff in a range of IT and engineering disciplines: IT applications, software development, IT infrastructure, service desk and user support, testing and quality assurance, engineering (mechanical, electrical and embedded systems), and training.

Within each of these areas Sii can offer a range of cooperation models. Its specialists can be outsourced on an individual basis to augment a client’s existing team, assigning highly talented individuals on a flexible basis and thereby mitigating employment related risks.

Sii can also lease entire project teams to the client, bringing with them exceptional levels of experience plus the flexibility to optimise team size as required.

The third service model offers end-to-end project delivery where Sii resources and manages the whole solution, bringing project experience, and robust tools and systems while maintaining transparency with effective communication and reporting.

Finally, the company supplies managed services for system maintenance and application management, both for Sii and third party installations. This ensures business continuity and security for the customer within a clearly defined service level agreement. Sii’s employees work in eleven cross-branch practices, each of which delivers solutions and services within a specific competence domain.

Sii has a wide portfolio, serving clients from all sectors. A significant proportion of its work comes from banking and financial services, telecommunications and media, the automotive industry and electronics.

Although the company cooperates with other subsidiaries in the Sii Group, its clients often prefer to work directly with Sii Poland. In addition to competitive prices, Sii Poland offers staff with extensive foreign language skills and cultural awareness, who can travel to their clients easily from central Europe.

Customers from the United States, Canada and Japan, as well as across Europe, have already benefited from Sii’s approach. “I recently talked to a client who works with us in the UK and Nordic countries,” explains Emilia Iwinska, Head of Marketing & Sales Support. “He was very satisfied. Technical level is very good and English proficiency was excellent as well. And ownership of the projects – he said we are more like a partner than a supplier.”

Current projects include solutions for corporates such as UniCredit, Nordea, Orange, T-Mobile, Dürr and Thyssen Krupp.

Sii has very clear plans to build on its outstanding success. “We are looking at worldwide expansion,” says Ms. Iwinska. “We aim to gain increasing numbers of clients from abroad and be much more visible in international locations. We will be marketing heavily and expanding our team.”

In terms of its services, Sii intends to focus on managing whole projects and promoting its competence practices. Its current client base is primarily for-profit business and Sii is aiming to expand its activities into the public sector. The company has set itself a target of a 20% increase in revenue in 2016/17, no mean feat but based on its current performance, clearly achievable.

Much of Sii Poland’s success stems from its business philosophy. In addition to clear profit targets, Sii has a clear focus on client and employee satisfaction, a vision to achieve growth in excess of market expectations and stay ahead of the competition, while having fun and taking pleasure from what it does. These objectives are underpinned by a number of core values such as engagement, respect, flexibility, courage, transparency and of course, quality.

“I am proud to work here,” states Ms. Iwinska, “I love the atmosphere. Our mission and objectives are clear to everyone and they are really applicable in life.”

Sii considers its greatest asset to be the vast combined experience of its employees. This, together with its flexibility, profitability and performance, clearly differentiates it from the competition.

The company attributes its remarkable success to the clarity and focus on its mission, objectives and core values, underpinned by its passion for technology, which will undoubtedly ensure its continued growth and a leading position in the industry well into the future.

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