Reliable Partner in Difficult Times

Interview with Tobias Schulze, Managing Partner of Ingenieurbüro Zammit GmbH

Tobias Schulze, Managing Partner of Ingenieurbüro Zammit GmbH
Tobias Schulze, Managing Partner of Ingenieurbüro Zammit GmbH

Quality. Quality. Quality. For Tobias Schulze, Managing Partner of Ingenieurbüro Zammit GmbH from Salzgitter, quality is primarily the reason why the engineering office has been successfully competing in the market for over 30 years. Prestigious customers such as the Volkswagen Group or Tesla are evidence that IB Zammit keeps its promise of quality. And that it is willing to look beyond its boundaries.

The engineering office Zammit was founded in Salzgitter in 1991. Due to its proximity to Wolfsburg, initial projects were developed with the Volkswagen Group. "We have grown with the automotive sector," says Tobias Schulze, "and still mainly work with manufacturing industrial companies. And that internationally."

IB Zammit primarily grew through recommendations; instead of costly marketing campaigns, effective word-of-mouth was sufficient for a full order book. By 1995, there were three locations, and today there are seven in Germany plus subsidiaries in China, Serbia, Romania, and Turkey. "We have developed rapidly up until 2013," says Tobias Schulze, "In 2013 we had 100 employees, a year and a half later more than 160. Today, after a period of consolidation, we have 220 in Germany; the turnover is 20 million EUR."

Engineering Office Zammit VW Production Plant in Poland
For VW, IB Zammit supervised the planning of an entire production plant in Poland - from the initial idea to the manufacturing of the first vehicle

Professional and At the Market's Pulse

The company's core business is the planning of technical building equipment. Since 2014, there has also been a facility management division – originally conceived as a small area, today it is an important pillar with more than 20 employees – as well as the modeling and simulation area.

"We are dealing with energy feasibility studies, the creation of digital twins, or the development of climate-friendly supply scenarios," says Tobias Schulze. "When it comes to increasing efficiency, digital technologies and AI play an increasingly important role."

It is particularly complex projects where IB Zammit feels at home. "We typically plan highly complex industrial processes, entire factories in the shortest possible time," emphasizes Tobias Schulze. "Because the time available for this is getting shorter and shorter, we can only manage this balancing act with highly professional staff. We promote and challenge our employees very early and put them in corresponding positions. The focus is clearly on organic growth, even at the management level."

Engineering Office Zammit Teamwork
Equality, flat hierarchies, and a friendly coexistence strengthen the sense of community in the workplace
Engineering Office Zammit-Headquarters in Salzgitter
IB Zammit-Headquarters in Salzgitter

Accompanying the Customers

Professionalism, competence, and experience benefit demanding projects. IB Zammit is planning the technical orientation of a battery factory in Salzgitter, oversaw all measures for converting the Volkswagen plant in Emden to e-mobility, and was recently awarded the contract for planning a new building for Jägermeister.

A key project is the ‘Salcos’ project for Salzgitter Stahl AG. The entire steel production process is to become almost CO2-free in the coming years. IB Zammit is planning the complete first expansion stage in all partial areas. But it is not just the technical competence with which IB Zammit convinces. "We do not just work through a list of services, but see ourselves as 'carers', looking beyond the edge, seeking the best possible solution, not the easiest way," emphasizes Tobias Schulze.

Engineering Office Zammit - CO2 Planning
In the coming years, Salzgitter AG aims to produce steel with almost no CO2 emissions - IB Zammit is planning the complete first expansion stage for this

Grounded Idealism

IB Zammit has been involved in regenerative concepts for many years and sees the energy transition as an important challenge of the present. Regular legislative changes are currently making work difficult. "There's a lack of reliability and planning certainty," says Tobias Schulze. "That's why we have to be extremely flexible and able to react very quickly."

Despite the uncertain economic situation, IB Zammit wants to continue to grow organically and participate in sustainable projects. The office has been committed for a long time and with great conviction to various social and ecological projects like the 'BeesHeroes', has leased 4 ha of rainforest in the Sahel region, with the goal of reforesting it and providing fair jobs for women, and organizes an annual climate symposium for customers and partners. A matter of the heart for the 'caretakers'.