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Interview with Alexander Singer, CEO of Sanders-Kauffmann GmbH

Sanders-Kauffmann - high-quality bedding
Sanders-Kauffmann offers a wide range of high-quality bedding

Bedding such as blankets and pillows play a crucial role in sleep comfort and health. They can have a significant impact on sleep quality by ensuring a balanced temperature, hygiene, and support, for example for the neck in pillows. Sanders-Kauffmann GmbH is a company rich in tradition in the field of bedding and stands for unique quality, functionality, and utmost sleeping comfort.

Particularly, down comforters are true masterpieces of nature and craftsmanship. With their light, fluffy filling of down, they offer not only cozy warmth but also unparalleled sleeping comfort. "Our company possesses strong brands with outstanding down products and stands for the highest quality and comfort," says Alexander Singer, CEO of Sanders-Kauffmann GmbH and part of the company since 2019. "After extensive investments in our German site, we are also ideally positioned for the future and would like to increase the awareness of our brands further."

Roots in Bramsche

Alexander Singer, CEO of Sanders-Kauffmann GmbH
Alexander Singer, CEO of Sanders-Kauffmann GmbH

Sanders-Kauffmann GmbH has its roots deeply embedded in the cloth-making town of Brams we, where Sanders was founded as a weaving mill in 1885. Over the years, Sanders established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality textiles for bedding. The weaving operations were already discontinued at the beginning of the 2000s, and the focus shifted increasingly to the textile finishing and making-up of bedding products.

In 2017, Sanders experienced a realignment when it was acquired by Austro-Holding during bankruptcy. This acquisition brought the traditional company from Bramsche together with the renowned company Kauffmann from Austria, which was internationally known for its high-quality down bedding products. The companies were united at the Bramsche location, creating synergies and increasing productivity. In 2019, the turnaround was successfully achieved, and in 2020, a major modernization project was initiated.

"A crucial step on this path was the major renovation in 2020, where we completely reorganized the fabric finishing process and invested in a modern machinery park," said Alexander Singer. "In doing so, we were able to leverage our longstanding expertise in textile finishing and further strengthen our position in the market. The current market conditions are challenging, but we benefit from being well-diversified and delivering to almost all distribution channels in over 40 countries; additionally, we benefit from a growing trend towards sustainability, which we meet with our products.

Sanders-Kauffmann CLIMA BALANCE 2.0® Blanket
The new CLIMA BALANCE 2.0® blanket compensates for environmental temperature changes

High Manufacturing Depth

With a broad product and service range, Sanders-Kauffmann offers a variety of bedding products, from down quilts to fiber quilts. Sanders-Kauffmann is particularly proud of the quality of its products. The company has comprehensive know-how in textile finishing and is proud to still label its fabrics with 'Bramscher Tuch'. These fabrics are characterized by their exceptional softness, supple surface, and down-tightness, which ensure unparalleled sleep quality.

"Kauffmann exclusively uses high-quality down that breathes life into the bedding," explains Alexander Singer. "With ARO Artländer, we have our own feather and down processing including sorting within the group." Sanders-Kauffmann unites the brands Künsemüller, Kauffmann, and Sanders of Germany under its roof. The group also includes Sleep-ID, another bedding producer in Ukraine, as well as 80% of the shares in a sewing company in Ukraine. The company employs a total of 550 employees, 145 of whom are in Germany. The revenue amounts to almost 70 million EUR, with exports accounting for 60% and primarily aimed at European markets as well as the USA, South Korea, and China.

Striving for Innovation

Innovation is a key component of the corporate philosophy. Sanders developed the groundbreaking and patented CLIMA BALANCE® quilt more than 20 years ago, featuring climate zones that prevent moisture and heat buildup. In 2024, the continuation was launched in the market under the name CLIMA BALANCE 2.0®. The special feature of this quilt is that it is suitable for all seasons. This latest development is a testament to the ongoing pursuit of improvement and innovation.

In addition to innovation, values such as performance, globality, and social and ecological responsibility are central to the philosophy and strategy of Sanders-Kauffmann. The company has improved its ecological footprint, and animal welfare is of utmost importance. Sanders-Kauffmann also places great emphasis on being an attractive and supportive employer that motivates and encourages its employees.

With a clear view to the future, Sanders-Kauffmann strives to be perceived as a leading company in the sleep and bedding industry, both nationally and internationally. "Through a combination of organic growth and strategic partnerships, we aim to further consolidate our position in the market and continue our success story," notes Alexander Singer. "The new beginning was a great challenge, but based on the long tradition and capacity for innovation, I see great potential for the future."