Fresh wind and new energy

Interview with Nils-R. Vetter, Managing Director of Wind Multiplikator GmbH

Nils-R. Vetter, Managing Director of Wind Multiplikator GmbH
Nils-R. Vetter, Managing Director of Wind Multiplikator GmbH

Offshore wind turbines make a central contribution to the energy transition in Germany. They are gigantic facilities at sea, which produce significantly more electricity compared to onshore facilities. Unlike these, however, they are subject to extreme weather conditions, which complicate service work. Wind Multiplikator GmbH from Emden is familiar with wind, water and waves – the company is on its way to becoming the leading full-service provider for offshore wind turbines.

Wind Multiplikator GmbH was established in 2022 from the 2015-founded Wind Multiplikator and OWS Offshore Wind Solutions – two companies that have pioneered in the field of wind turbines. "OWS was initiated by a Russian investor who wanted to build an offshore wind power company from scratch," explains Managing Director Nils-R. Vetter. "This led to the formation of a group that could cover the entire value chain from project development to design and construction, up to the erection of the wind turbine, owned its own fleet of ships, and built the first large, commercially oriented BARD Offshore 1 wind farm in the North Sea with 80 turbines of 5 MW each. Although the company ran into economic difficulties, it was a boost for the entire industry."

The Perfect Pair

At the end of 2022, Wind Multiplikator GmbH, specializing in project management in the offshore wind sector, acquired OWS to be able to offer comprehensive packages in the future, in which, besides maintenance and repairs, major component exchanges play an important role. Mid-2023 saw the merger with Danish Semco Maritime. Thus, two companies whose portfolios complement each other perfectly came together.

Wind Multiplier Company Headquarters in Emden
Wind Multiplier in Emden – perfect location conditions for the 300 employees who enjoy working for the full-service provider

"It was important to us to have a strong partner who fits us on a cultural and personal level," emphasizes Nils-R. Vetter. "That is exactly the case with Semco. We are strong in terms of wind turbines and service, Semco is one of the world leaders in EPC for the construction of substations. With the combined know-how of both companies, we can serve 95% of a wind farm with our own resources. Semco has signed a large service contract with the company TenneT and is responsible for the service of all TenneT substations in the North Sea; as a subcontractor, we take on a large part of it and support the project with our infrastructure and expertise."

Heading for new markets

Wind Multiplikator will continue to focus on the core market Germany even after the merger but plans an internationalization. With a service area of 160,000 m², a hall area of 50,000 m², and exclusive access to jack-up units for the exchange of large components at sea, the company brings good prerequisites for strengthening its market position on an international level. With the overhaul, shipping to the base port, and the exchange offshore, Wind Multiplikator offers a comprehensive carefree package that is unique.

"Our goal is to be the full-service provider for offshore facilities with the highest satisfaction for our customers and employees," emphasizes Nils-R. Vetter. "In terms of the breadth of value creation, we are already that, but not yet on an international level. It is crucial that all employees can contribute to the further development of the company."