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Platforms perfected with experience


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His first platforms were launched onto the market in the mid 1990s. “My initial focus was how I could increase worksite productivity and efficiency by working more safely and comfortably,” Mr. Bravi says. “It took a while. At the time, these platforms were mainly produced in the US and were, I have to admit, better than my first models. Today though, that has all changed. Our platforms are extremely strong and durable, and offer a high level of comfort. This positive development is due, above all, to the fact that I have always applied my first-hand experience as an installer, and as a result have succeeded in incorporating into our platforms the characteristics that operators really value – including comfort and the ability to work precisely.”

Headquartered in Castelfidardo in central Italy, BRAVI manufactures a wide selection of mobile work platforms and associated accessories. A highlight of the portfolio is the LEONARDO HD, a small, very manoeuvrable and highly practical machine, which can reach a height of 5 m and is ideal for working in confined spaces. “Our platforms are a far more comfortable and effective alternative to ladders and other, more cumbersome platforms,” stresses Mr. Bravi. “Every worker that has tried the LEONARDO HD in their daily job says that it is truly dependable and you never want to get off.”

Other models include the SPRINT, a cost-effective solution, ideal for retrieving goods from high shelving and therefore perfect for a warehouse picking operation where safety and efficiency are vital, and the SPIN-GO, a hand-pushed motorized lifting platform, which is a safer and more effective alternative to the ladders and podiums used in shops, supermarkets, warehouses and offices.

BRAVI’s largest customer group is the rental sector, where its work platforms perfectly complement the usual range of access platforms. Around 95% of its products are exported; the company’s main markets are Northern Europe – in particular Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia – and the US. “We have succeeded in bringing innovation to the sector, and although it took time, the competition is now somewhat behind us,” notes the CEO. “I’ve heard it said that we have a completely unique vision for working platforms, and I believe that is down to my experience as a hands-on operator.”

With existing production facilities of 3,500 m² and a new unit of 2,000 m² shortly to be inaugurated, BRAVI is looking to double its current 15 million EUR annual turnover during the coming years. “We have to have a good ‘nose’ for what the market needs, and this has always been our advantage,” Mr. Bravi sums up. “The company is doing very well and will continue to do so. I believe in this company like a child believes in Christmas.”

Pierino Bravi
"I’ve heard it said that we have a completely unique vision for working platforms, and I believe this is down to my experience as a hands-on operator." Pierino BraviPresident
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