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Getting comfortable


Headquartered in Nuremberg in Germany, with branches in Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Wales, L&P Automotive specializes in lumbar systems for seats in cars of all sizes, from compact city cars to luxury limousines.

However, not just car seat manufacturers have discovered the advantages of building L&P’s lumbar systems into their products; the aviation industry, producers of office seating, and commercial and farming vehicle manufacturers also value the huge benefits of providing end users with a supremely comfortable and healthy sitting position.

L&P’s portfolio includes a wide range of products to suit every situation. The most straightforward seats and backrests are made from a simple wire mat, and are the product of a highly automated manufacturing process.

Manual lumbar support uses a mechanical system to adjust the lumbar spine region to suit the needs of the individual user. State-of-the-art electro-mechanical solutions enable the user to adjust not only the height of the seat but also the horizontal movement in a backwards and forwards direction.

The top-of-the-range options include integrated massage systems. “It has been proven that ten minutes of movement enhances circulation within the muscles, and reduces or relieves driver fatigue,” explains Director of Sales Europe Wilfried Martin.

In addition to comfortable seating solutions, L&P uses its expertise in wire and injection moulding technology to produce sub-assemblies for other functions, such as seat latch release and headrest power drive actuators, extendable door handles, cup holders, pneumatic pumps, incorporating all the related electronics.

“All these derivative products are a result of the extensive know-how we have built up through our lumbar support systems,” Mr. Martin points out. “We build our products on a modular basis, adapted for new situations as required. We regularly evaluate new products for their potential to create a derivative sub-assembly, and thereby bring new technology to the market and generate growth for the company.”

The modular format enables L&P to meet customers’ specific requirements, in an efficient way. Mr. Martin attributes L&P’s success to a number of important factors. “Innovation is definitely a top priority, along with quality,” he underlines. “This enables us to offer our customers new functions, and also to optimize existing ones, which often helps them to save money. We are always available to advise our clients and support them, wherever they may be located.”

Market trends generally, and digitalization in particular, are dictating the future of vehicle technology. “More and more vehicle systems are now networked,” says Mr. Martin. “In the past, systems functioned at the touch of a button; today they operate via linked communication and central display. We too are incorporating this technology.”

Mr. Martin is clear about L&P’s primary goal for the future. “For me, it is fun and extremely motivating to be part of a successful company,” he sums up. “Our aim is to retain our position as market leader in the lumbar system sector, and to extend this level of success to some of our other product groups.”

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