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Connecting paper with the digital world


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Swiss Post Solutions S.p.A. offers a wide range of services to its corporate customers across the whole of Italy. The company manages the post service for large concerns, provides security, reception and facility management personnel, and operates a courier service.

However, where the firm really adds value for its clients, and differentiates itself from the competition, is through its digital document management services. Swiss Post Solutions is able to quickly and securely scan huge quantities of documents. “Our storage containers for scanned documents really are bomb proof,” underlines Managing Director for Italy and Spain Alessandro Faccendetti.

While the company’s scanning services are second to none, the true value-add aspect of Swiss Post Solution’s service is its document processing service, which connects the physical paper world with its clients’ internal digital solutions.

Expenses, for example, can be scanned, transformed into digital media, tagged with keywords, and then stored in the customer’s data bank. Other important documents, such as medical files, are processed in the same way.

“We even scan gas pipe plans, so that the customer knows exactly where each pipe was laid,” explains Mr. Faccendetti. “We work directly with customers’ own systems. We receive paper, we process it, and store it in the client’s data base. Our strength lies in the organization of complex processes. Thanks to our advanced technology, we have an accuracy rate of 98%. Our software recognizes errors; if an error is repeated three times, it is automatically corrected. In total, our offices handle around two million documents every year. We can scan up to 150,000 pages per day.”

Swiss Post Solutions holds all the relevant certifications – ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 – and is working on obtaining ISO 27001 relating to information security management. “We guarantee Swiss quality in a market where quality is often missing,” the Managing Director underlines. “Our standards are consistent, and we continually strive to improve; document security is a high priority. Last year, some of our clients installed an automated locker system, which guarantees even higher security. We are highly innovative, but also stable; our innovations are carefully controlled.”

Most new products and services are developed at Swiss Post Solutions’ R&D center in Switzerland, and shared among the company’s subsidiaries around the world. The global organization boasts 65,000 employees and a turnover of 600 million EUR per year.

Alessandro Faccendetti
Scanning and data management: that is the future. Alessandro FaccendettiManaging Director

With its head office in Milan and 39 further offices, the Italian subsidiary employs 200 staff and generates revenues of 25 million EUR per year. Clients are primarily large corporates, and 90% of the business is undertaken in Italy. “Generally, every subsidiary operates in its own country, but we sometimes cross borders for clients with offices abroad,” Mr. Faccendetti points out.

The pace of digitalization continues to gather. “We are trying to eliminate the use of paper, but it will take time,” says Mr. Faccendetti. To achieve its growth targets, Swiss Post Solutions S.p.A. has set a challenging goal. “We are aiming for more automation, so that we can serve our clients remotely,” the Managing Director reveals. “Technology is becoming more important than ever. Scanning and data management: that is the future. Finding staff is a challenge; the requisite skill set is constantly developing – I do courses myself to keep up. Nevertheless, we will continue to offer our clients added value in everything we do.”