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Interview with Petra Klotz, Managing Director of Energeticum Energiesysteme GmbH

Petra Klotz, Managing Director of the Energeticum Energiesysteme GmbH
Petra Klotz, Managing Director of the Energeticum Energiesysteme GmbH

19 years ago, entering into photovoltaics was almost visionary. The founder of Energeticum Energiesysteme GmbH, based in Balzhausen, took this step and has been successful to this day. Managing Director Petra Klotz spoke with Wirtschaftsforum about technological progress and (global) political influences.

Dr. Endre Hagenthurn (Economic Forum): Ms. Klotz, how did the story of Energeticum begin?

Petra Klotz: Already in 2004, the founder Robert Specht had the early vision to enter the business with photovoltaic systems and started at that time with ten employees. Over the years, the company has grown steadily and was able to successfully establish itself in the regional market in Bavaria. Even during the crisis in the solar industry in 2012/2013, we were able to develop stably. An important milestone was that in 2013 Energeticum became a sonnenBattery Center: Together with our current parent company sonnen GmbH, we entered into storage technology in addition to the PV systems. That was a brave step where we were ahead of our time. In 2018, we joined forces with sonnen.

Dr. Endre Hagenthurn (Economic Forum): And how has the development been in recent years?

Petra Klotz: Our growth is uninterrupted! In 2022, the industry experienced an extreme boom as electricity and fuel prices have risen sharply. We could hardly save ourselves from orders. Currently, over 120 employees work daily within a radius of 150 to 180 km with us. We have installed over 10,000 systems in total - a proud achievement. In 2023, growth is expected to be lower than in the previous year, as purchasing power has declined in recent months. But we are still well utilized and look optimistically to the future.

Energeticum Energy Systems sonnenBatterie
Storing solar energy: sonnenBatterie
Energeticum Energy Systems - Petra Klotz in discussion with employees
Petra Klotz in discussion with employees

Manfred Brinkmann (Economic Forum): How do you convince your customers?

Petra Klotz: Energeticum has been on the market for almost 20 years, we are real experts. Our product portfolio is of the highest quality and we offer the appropriate storage solution from sonnen in addition to the PV system. Another strong argument is the numerous advantages of our sonnenCommunity, an energy community of people with a common vision, from which everyone benefits. Our customers are still willing to buy, but there is sometimes a lack of planning security, which delays investment decisions. They value quality and want to be as independent as possible. Thanks to the combination of PV system and sonnenBattery, they are 75 to 80% independent, a very good value.

Manfred Brinkmann (Economic Forum): To what extent do high interest rates and political influences affect the customers' buying decision?

Petra Klotz: The rise in interest rates undoubtedly brings its challenges. Our main focus is on private households, which are particularly affected. However, we are also tapping into the industrial sector, where purchasing power and willingness to buy are higher. Therefore, we expect an upswing again in the second half of the year. Without knowing the specific plans of the government for the fall and winter, we will expand our portfolio. The future combination of photovoltaics and heat pumps, for example, would be a very good solution.

Manfred Brinkmann (Economic Forum): If the topic of energy storage advances further, a massive boom in the renewable energy sector is to be expected. This dynamic will certainly pose enormous challenges for your company as well?

Petra Klotz: Definitely, because advanced technology requires qualified employees. On one hand, various processes and structures are affected by this development, and on the other hand, the human factor plays an important role for us. Our goal is to ensure that the customer receives optimal advice and we find a tailor-made solution for them.

Dr. Endre Hagenthurn (Economic Forum): You have been with the company for almost two years and have been the managing director for two months. What goals do you have with Energeticum?

Petra Klotz: It is important to me to continue to promote our corporate culture. Energeticum stands for great appreciation, honesty, and openness to new ideas. I want to shape our team and let ideas develop, and continue the course of success together. We want to win more market shares, also by expanding our radius. We plan new locations. The expansion of the product portfolio with new technologies such as large storages will be an important component.

Manfred Brinkmann (Economic Forum): Behind a business idea like Energeticum's, there surely is a vision?

Petra Klotz: Yes, we are passionately committed to shaping the world of tomorrow today. We live sustainability and bring clean energy to our homeland.