Visibility with Great Impact

Interview with Friedrich Kleinhempel, Managing Director of Kleinhempel GmbH

Kleinhempel Aero Puro Coating
The Aero Puro Coating on a facade poster made of Greenline Mesh material by Kleinhempel has special properties, printed for BlowUP media GmbH (copyright and rights information Photo: Blowup media GmbH)

In a world dominated by visual stimuli, outdoor advertising plays a key role in communicating messages. It tells stories of brands and companies, which often remain unconsciously in the minds of consumers. At the heart of this attention grabbing are large screens, which serve not only as impressive advertising spaces, but also create a fascinating connection between art, technology, and communication. Kleinhempel GmbH from Hamburg is an experienced provider of advertising solutions in public spaces, shaping not only the industry but also regularly the cityscape of German metropolitan areas.

As a traditional company with over 80 years of experience, Kleinhempel GmbH stands for quality, innovation, and comprehensive service in the field of outdoor advertising. As an expert in all forms of advertising in public spaces, Kleinhempel has made a name for itself as a competent partner from the initial consultation to the complete implementation. In doing so, the company continues to focus on innovation, most recently with the air-purifying Aero Puro coating.

More than 80 years of experience

Founded in 1936 by Grandfather Kleinhempel, the company started as a photo studio and developed over the years into a photo lab. In the 1990s, the first large-format printing machine was introduced. More and more customers were added, and long-term partnerships were formed. A special milestone was the wrapping of the Brandenburg Gate in 2001, the largest project in the company's history.

Friedrich Kleinhempel, Managing Director of Kleinhempel GmbH
Friedrich Kleinhempel, Managing Director of Kleinhempel GmbH

"We have oriented ourselves little on others, but on the needs of the customers," explains Friedrich Kleinhempel, third-generation managing director, the strategy for success. "Service and quality have always been most important to us and we still opt for class over mass today. This is reflected in long-standing customer relationships."

Kleinhempel - Photo Concealment of the Brandenburg Gate in 2001
The photo concealment of the Brandenburg Gate in 2001 was one of the largest projects by Kleinhempel (copyright and rights information: Ziko van Dijk, June 2001)
Kleinhempel - OMR Outdoor Advertising
For many years, Kleinhempel GmbH has been supporting the OMR with outdoor advertising

Kleinhempel used the corona break to switch to sustainability. By using PVC-free and recycled materials, the company was able to achieve impressive successes. "The far greatest part of our entire range of print products is sustainable and PVC-free," said Friedrich Kleinhempel. "Since 2020, we have been able to significantly reduce the use of PVC from 100% to about 30%. Our goal is to reduce it to 10% in 2024."

Diverse Innovation

The range of services offered by Kleinhempel GmbH, which began with a photo studio, has continuously developed over the years and today ranges from large-format print products for facades, billboards, and exhibition stands to digital signage with interactive LED walls, as well as services such as the development of complete media concepts, including content production and management.

"We try to live the full-service theme and really offer everything from a single source," says the managing director. "Our full-service approach extends from the idea through to design, finishing, and installation. Our specialty is large outdoor advertising with an average size of 100 m². This ensures that every message from our clients is truly seen."

Kleinhempel - Advertising Sign
Kleinhempel GmbH implements advertising solutions in public spaces with a lot of know-how

With around 40 employees on almost 3,000 m² of manufacturing space and six printing machines, the owner-managed company ensures optimal implementation of customer wishes. All company areas are digitized, from data reception, through the ERP and DMS system, to the automated pre-press workflow. Kleinhempel works almost exclusively with German suppliers, focusing on quality and reliability.

With this broad range of services and the high quality of its products, Kleinhempel convinces not only German customers but also works with international retailers from America to Japan. The majority of outdoor advertising from Kleinhempel is displayed in the DACH region and Scandinavia.

A current highlight in the field of large-scale outdoor advertising is a 1,500 m² banner made of recycled material that was hung in Berlin. What is special is the Aero Puro surface coating. The coating, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, not only offers outstanding color quality but also has air-purifying properties.

"Based on photocatalysis, 85% of the exhaust gases that land on Aero Puro-coated posters are decomposed by the power of sunlight," describes Friedrich Kleinhempel the mode of action. "100 m² of the coating is 100% non-toxic and cleans the air as effectively as seven large deciduous trees. Due to the water-repellent property of the transparent coating, the poster is also protected against dirt deposits, formation of green growth, and moss, making it look freshly printed for a long time."

Sustainable Future

Kleinhempel is open to the trends and developments in the industry. Larger posters in outdoor areas, increasing demand for sustainability, and the use of innovative technologies like Aero Puro are part of the strategy. "We want to be present in the market in the next decades," notes Friedrich Kleinhempel. "Our goal is a closed loop that allows the return and recycling of our posters." With Kleinhempel, companies have a reliable partner by their side, which not only embodies tradition and experience but is also always looking for new ways and solutions.