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Interview with Stefan Bock, Managing Partner of TEKTURA Wohnbau GmbH

Tektura Wohnungbau - Project Trentiner Straße in Neufahrn
Twelve semi-detached houses, one four-family house and eight single-family homes: Project Trentiner Straße in Neufahrn

Stefan Bock, Managing Partner of TEKTURA Wohnbau GmbH, sums up his work ethic in a few words: "I like it when the buyers are satisfied, can move in without any trouble, and wave at me when passing by later." And that's exactly how it is, as the many recommendations for the construction contractor and general contractor from Neufahrn, who also renovates, refurbishes, and modernizes, speak volumes.

When customers wonder whether TEKTURA Wohnbau GmbH is also the right partner for them, Stefan Bock recommends a conversation with people who have “already built with us”. And there are quite a few of them, as the company has built around 100 single-family homes and more than 110 apartments since its founding 20 years ago.

“We operate as a property developer and general contractor, but we also construct commercial buildings,” explains Stefan Bock. Thus, TEKTURA is currently building a small residential estate with 24 houses. Examples of commercial buildings include the complete refurbishment of the Freising Bayerischer Hof hotel during ongoing operations or the construction of a car workshop with an attached paint shop.

Stefan Bock, Managing Partner of TEKTURA Wohnbau GmbH
Stefan Bock, Managing Partner of TEKTURA Wohnbau GmbH

Founded 20 years ago

Together with real estate agent Gerd Kufner, also a managing partner, Stefan Bock founded the company in 2004, which has also included his son Florian since 2017. "Over the 20 years of our existence, we have gone through all phases of the construction industry," says Stefan Bock. "Currently, interest rates and material costs are high. Therefore, it is also more difficult to sell real estate."

TEKTURA Residential Construction Renovation Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Freising
Was renovated during ongoing operations: Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Freising
Tektura - Project Galgenbachweg in Neufahrn
Two 5-family houses in modern construction: Project Galgenbachweg in Neufahrn

In the realization of construction projects, TEKTURA works with proven and long-standing partners. In addition to its Neufahrn headquarters, the entire Freising district and the northern part of Munich are within the company's catchment area. While a few years ago the demand was greater than the supply, TEKTURA is currently advertising more for new construction projects, for example through listings in portals like Immoscout.

"Our buildings are sustainable," assures Stefan Bock. "Our solid houses are very high-quality and designed for a minimum lifespan of 60 years. Already 20 years ago, we equipped 90% of our houses with heat pumps. Today, fuel cells and photovoltaic systems are also used. The houses we build meet the Kfw 55 standard."

Stefan Bock wants to continue building beautiful and sustainable houses for his customers in the future. For the time after his active professional life, he has a wish: "I want my son and my secretary to be able to continue working here in the company after I leave."