RÖSL Transport Vehicles

Economy and Nature in Harmony

RÖSL GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Regensburg, represents a success story of over 30 years as a family-run business in Bavaria and Saxony. In 2022, Dipl.-Ing....

Interview with Dipl.-Ing. Franz Rösl Managing Director of RÖSL GmbH & Co. KG

Gehlen Structural Project

The Foundation for Stable and Energy-Efficient Structures

Civil engineers are at the heart of designing, planning, and implementing the built environment. Their expertise and creative solutions not only shape the architectural...

Interview with Jan Krings, Managing Partner and Testing Engineer for Structural Analysis at GEHLEN Partnership of Consulting Engineers mbB

Josef Meeth Fensterfabrik Double Windows

Windows and Doors Made in Germany

Windows and doors are more than just openings in our houses – they are the interface between inside and outside, connect spaces with the world out there and significantly...

Interview with Sylvia Meeth-Kainz, Managing Director of Josef Meeth Fensterfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Tektura Wohnungbau - Project Trentiner Straße in Neufahrn

Satisfied Customers are the Best Recommendation

Stefan Bock, Managing Partner of TEKTURA Wohnbau GmbH, sums up his work ethic in a few words: "I like it when the buyers are satisfied, can move in without any trouble,...

Interview with Stefan Bock, Managing Partner of TEKTURA Wohnbau GmbH

Van Oord Hydraulic Engineering Coastal Protection, Land Reclamation, Energy Security

Van Oord: The Leader in Maritime Hydraulic Engineering

Dredging at the coast and installing facilities for offshore energy. Wresting land from the water while ensuring the sea cannot easily claim it back. This is the...

Interview with Dirk im Sande, Managing Director of Van Oord Wasserbau GmbH

Martin Görge, Managing Director of Sprinkenhof GmbH

Architecture in a Change of Values

As an investor and implementing agency for urban construction projects, Sprinkenhof GmbH plays a decisive role in shaping and securing Hamburg's future. Through...

Interview with Martin Görge, Managing Director of Sprinkenhof GmbH

Stotz Bau exposed concrete walls in board formwork

Building is possible even in difficult times

Even in challenging times like these, construction projects can be realized. It is particularly important now to have a competent and reliable partner at your side....

Interview with Dipl.-Ing. FH Klaus Schmitzer, Managing Director of Stotz Bau GmbH & Co.KG Civil and Structural Engineering

Histo Dach Castle Walbrunn

New as Old

Old buildings, possibly monument-protected, often have a unique charm. When windows of such a building need to be replaced, a delicate touch is required to preserve...

Interview with Roel van Malcote, CEO of HISTO DACH BV

GAP solution Solar Honeycomb Facade Concept

Working with Renovation Against Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Every person and every company can contribute. GAP solution GmbH contributes with its ecological solar...

Interview with Dipl. Ing. Mag. Johann Aschauer, Managing Director of GAP solution GmbH

BUG Verkehrsbau construction site

Setting the course: The future on rails

At a time when the course is being set for a sustainable transport revolution, BUG Verkehrsbau SE acts as a central player in the rail network of progress. Since...

Interview with Roland Müller, CEO, and Marian Thomas, CFO of BUG Verkehrsbau SE

Bosch Beton Geopolymer Retaining Wall Solution

On the Way to a Cement-Free Future

If concrete were a country, it would be the third-largest producer of greenhouse gases on Earth, behind China and the United States. This is mainly due to the high...

Interview with Geert Hanssen, Commercial Director of Bosch Beton GmbH & Co.KG

mund + ganz train entrance

"Our Added Value? We Speak Rail!"

Hardly any other organization in Germany has to manage such comprehensive complexity as Deutsche Bahn – a challenge that also affects companies that work closely...

Interview with Mathias Mund, Managing Director of mund + ganz GmbH

geba Handels- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft View into the Production

Opening Doors and Gates to Progress

Self-opening and closing doors and gates are not a luxury but essential in many areas - as shown not only by the coronavirus situation, which suddenly made the contactless...

Interview with Moritz Baumgart, Production Manager, Annika Baumgart, Marketing and Organization, and Claus Baumgart, Senior Manager of geba Handels- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Kühni Head Office in Ramsei

Passion for Timber Construction and Craftsmanship

The courage of an individual has paved the way for remarkable success: Since its foundation under the leadership of Ernst Kühni, Kühni AG, with its headquarters...

Interview with Ernst Kühni, CEO of Kühni AG

Pröchel Feser-Graf

A Look Behind the Facade

Housing construction is in a deep crisis. For months, negative headlines have been spiraling. Companies complain about rising costs and lack of orders. The situation...

Interview with Marc Pröchel, Managing Director of Pröchel GmbH

DI Franz-Christian Kraschl, Managing Director of IKK Group GmbH

Bundled competencies after successful merger

A planning office that offers the most diverse services from a single source? That offers consulting and construction management in addition to planning? And that...

Interview with DI Franz-Christian Kraschl, Managing Director of IKK Group GmbH

BBE Vertriebsgesellschaft Production

The Jack of All Trades for Windows and Doors

The most energy-efficient house is a house without windows, but who wants to live in a windowless box? With the promise to increase energy efficiency by 76% compared...

Interview with Thorsten Karg, Managing Director of BBE Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH

RSC Close fit Lining

"There's a lot to do in pipe rehabilitation."

According to a survey by the German Association for Water Management, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) on the condition of the sewerage system in Germany, nearly one fifth...

Oliver Drozd, Managing Director of RSC Pipe Construction and Rehabilitation GmbH

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