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CCC S.A. is the largest manufacturer of footwear and the fastest-growing footwear retailer in Europe. In a highly competitive sector, it has carved itself a leading position by taking advantage of the benefits that high product volumes allow it to pass on to its customers.

In its native Poland, the company is striding out ahead of the competition with about a 25% share of the footwear market. Since 2011, it has also been making serious inroads into the European market such that its distinctive CCC logo and in-house brands are now common sights on high streets across the continent.

“In terms of growth, we have definitely experienced a snowball effect both in physical and online sales channels,” says Vice President of CCC S.A. and President of CCC Germany GmbH Marcin Czyczerski. “The sector is hugely competitive, but we have been able to establish a strong presence thanks to the quality of our products and the volume of shoes we sell. As the largest player in the market, we can offer our customers unrivalled economies of scale.”

CCC also offers its retail partners an outstanding service. With a fully automated, centralized warehouse at its headquarters in Poland providing a highly efficient logistics service, it ensures its clients can stock the shoes their clients want.

In reflection of the wider footwear market, CCC’s sales are slanted heavily in favour of women’s fashions with ladies’ shoes accounting for 60% of sales and shoes for men and children accounting for the remaining 40%. The company stocks a full range of formal, casual and sports shoes. “We stock nearly 6,000 different shoe models and sell more than 40 million pairs each year,” says Mr. Czyczerski. “Our house brands are all manufactured entirely in Europe and are complemented by ranges from licensed brands. In addition to footwear, we also offer handbags, shoe care products, accessories and small fancy goods.”

Retail success nowadays also depends on the quality of a company’s online shopping experience as well as a comprehensive network of physical shops. “The two do not compete with each other,” says Mr. Czyczerski. “We launched our own e-commerce sites in most of the countries where we are active, and these now account for over 15% of sales.”

Customers can choose from 500 different brands through CCC’s e-commerce portal with sales growing exponentially. “We offer excellent value for money coupled with outstanding service,” adds Mr. Czyczerski. “Both go hand in hand in this sector.”

With a good mix of physical outlets and online sales backed up by efficient and reliable logistics, CCC has its sights set firmly on expansion. A further 100,000 m² of sales space is projected to be added by the end of this year in order to achieve a growth target of 28%. “In the next three years, we want to double in size,” says Mr. Czyczerski. “We only started up in Germany three years ago but already have 77 stores.”

Export activities already account for half of CCC’s turnover and are set to grow in significance as the company targets more foreign markets. “We are already present with our own stores in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia, and franchise stores in Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine and can easily imagine this list growing still further,” insists Mr. Czyczerski.

At the same time, CCC is keen to improve on all fronts. Through trends such as the digital revolution and CRM, it hopes to drive up quality still further. CCC has embraced traditional advertising channels such as TV and radio, print, and billboard advertising but is also embracing the possibilities afforded by new developments such as online advertising, social media and product placement.

“An innovative approach and future-oriented attitude are what have brought us such a strong position so far,” says Mr. Czyczerski. “However, we are not content to rest on our laurels – just because we have done something well in the past doesn’t mean it can’t be improved in the future.”

It is this desire for constant innovation and improvement that has driven CCC’s success so far. “We have the best team, highly encouraged and experienced ... and we love challenges.” They will really have to put their best foot forward if CCC is to achieve its highly ambitious targets for the future.

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