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Reaching dizzy heights in storage


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The family-owned company is the German subsidiary of the Belgian company R. Weisshaupt AG. “WEP-Weisshaupt GmbH in Aachen is responsible for sales in the German-speaking region, while the Belgian headquarters takes care of business across the rest of Europe,” explains Managing Director Reiner A. Weisshaupt, who has 35 years of experience in the business, and has observed the development of the trend for high-rise storage facilities.

“In many locations, there is simply no more industrial land for sale, so many companies have had no choice but to build upwards,” he continues. “We produce the lifting equipment and other systems which make it possible to store goods at heights of 12 m and more. We understand that such equipment is a huge investment, and partner with our customers from concept to on-site commissioning and ongoing maintenance, offering comprehensive advice at every stage. We install up to 600 lift systems a year, which means we have vast experience in this niche sector.”

Weisshaupt’s portfolio includes stock lifts, and vertical and horizontal transport systems, equipment for car control stations, and handling equipment, which are used in logistics, general industry, and in wholesale and retail businesses.

What gives Weisshaupt’s equipment the edge over the competition? “Storage systems vary hugely and demand precise solutions,” says Director Tim de Toledo Sommerlath, who joined the lifting specialist in 2012. “As a mid-sized company, we have the flexibility to customize our equipment to meet the exact requirements of our customers, which gives us a distinct advantage over the big players, who are generally unable to offer such a service.”

With its highly sophisticated, technical products, Weisshaupt struggles along with many other industrial companies to source suitably qualified production personnel. “The problem is that in schools and at home too, pupils are continually told that manual work is not a worthwhile career,” Mr. de Toledo Sommerlath admits. “This is just not true; the modern workplace provides an attractive working environment, and in many countries, the value of such work is demonstrated through high salaries.”

We understand that our equipment is a huge investment, and partner with our customers from concept to on-site commissioning, with comprehensive advice at every stage. Reiner A. WeisshauptManaging Director

Mr. Weisshaupt believes that the trend for high-rise storage will continue. “Irrespective of the type of business, there will always be goods to be stored,” he says. “The cost of constructing taller warehouses is minimal in comparison to the cost of purchasing land for longer and wider buildings – if indeed the land is even available. The growth that we as a company have achieved proves that we have oriented our business in the right direction.”

Between 2014 and 2020, Weisshaupt achieved all its goals, and continued growth remains a key target. “Over the coming months, we will be setting specific new goals,” concludes Mr. Weisshaupt. “We operate in a niche sector, which is often difficult to predict, but steady expansion, which will allow us to align our structure with the needs of our customers, will be our priority. This is a family company with all the emotions that brings; Being responsible for 50 employees is one of our motivations in our daily decision-makig process. I consider myself a strong proponent of the private economy, and am proud of the dynamic, forward-looking company that we have built.”

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